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The DHCP network hint for windows 7

Written by IT News on 7:17 PM

The next iterations of Windows client and server operating systems will deliver the development of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. According to the Redmond Company, Windows 7 DHCP enhancements are designed to make the operating system include the network with an SSID. The fact is that the DHCP network clue is limited exclusively to wireless networks and is only supported on Internet Protocol v4. In the main feature is set to take Windows 7 level of the network connection in the WLAN and mobile / roaming scenarios. According to the Redmond Company, the DHCP accessories are for both Windows 7 and Windows 7 Server (Windows Server 2008 R2).

"With the increasing popularity of portable computers, it is very common that users frequently connect to a previously visited network. In order to improve the user experience in the roaming scenarios, where the user connects to a previously visited network where the user has a valid DHCP lease, DHCP network clue has been implemented in Windows 7 OS. DHCP networking tips helps to identify the right DHCP configuration to a previously visited network and then use the configuration opportunistically. Network clue used to identify different networks is SSID (Service Set Identifier) in a network, “shown by a member of the Windows DHCP Team.

The feature is set up to streamline the transition to Windows 7 client and server platforms from a WLAN to another. In this context, the connectivity process automatically means to search for a network tips (SSID). If the new network does not return expected clue, Windows 7 will go ahead with the default connection information. But if the SSID is actually support, the platform will control the network tips and try to match it with DHCP items cached.

"When the DHCP client matches received network tips against cached data to the interface, if it finds a match, and leasing represents the item is authentic, when the customer uses the match in the configuration as DHCP configuration for the interface.

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