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Intel says IGPs can't substitute GPUs

Written by IT News on 3:05 AM

The graphics card market led by Intel Corp., which accounted for about 49.4 percent of the total shipments of graphics cards in the third quarter of this year.
"Graphics are being integrated into the processor in an upcoming Nehalem processor - but I cannot see the need for discrete graphics card that goes away in the near future for those who demand the best 3D performance," Nick Knupffer, a spokesman for Intel all graphics technologies, is reported to have said in an interview with X-bit Labs.

According to Knupffer, Intel would have little chance to see the demand for an IGP that could be developed for software and equipment for professional use, though NVIDIA's Quadro FX 470 IGP in the area. Demand for IGPs that market segment would grow only if the integrated solutions became more powerful and Intel does not intend to do something in the area until this happens.

"CAD users tend to need great 3D features in their hardware - they will likely use the discrete card. [The creation of IGPs targeting professional market segment] is not our primary design goal, but we are always assessing opportunities in new market segments, "Intel representative stated to have said.

Integrated circuits, with a range of benefits such as low prices and lower power consumption compared with a traditional combination of core-logic and a GPU. On the other hand, a standalone solution that offers higher performance in terms of graphics-intensive applications. Given the facts, many users choose to invest in both directions, and are also dependent on an external graphics solution for increasing the capacity of their computers when they are needed.

"Risk, [external graphics card] is an excellent idea. Imagine being on the go with integrated graphics, which are covered by excellent battery life and small format - then come home and relax your high-performance laptop for an external card and receive their full hardcore 3D Game benefits. I think that quite a number of mobile users would like to have this case - particularly when combined with a mobile Intel Core 2 Extreme processor, "said Knupffer in the interview.

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