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The Jamo A 804, a great LCR loudspeaker

Written by IT News on 3:18 AM

A-804 is one of the latest releases from the Danish manufacturer of global fame JämO. And to mark JämO's 40th birthday, this new member of the Arts series has modern design and with longer, emphasizes both traditional and high-class heritage and modern twist that inspires engineers JämO's headquarters to create new and spectacular audio solutions. JämO A 804 is an excellent audio technology, which will not only make your music and movies sound great, but will also enrich your home furnishings.

The first thing you will notice about JämO A 804 is its elegant design, with slightly rounded edges and slim profile, easy to integrate into pretty much any setting, while the sober black cloth grilles can be matched with all types of TV sets and interiors.

On the inside, A 804 sports the same first-class uncompromisable craft that has made JämO familiar over the years. The fact is that the product is fully loaded with advanced technology, and can compete with larger speakers from the higher ranges. The 3-way driver array will provide a stark Sonic response over the entire frequency range, sporting almost the same definition and sound mounting you would normally expect to come from speakers that are more expensive and certainly more demanding.

The slim profile and special design makes JämO A 804 a loudspeaker perfect for almost anything, when it comes to getting a good sound to your room. You can easily have it installed in a vertical or horizontal position on your walls, and it can be used as a front or center unit, and a surround or rear audio source. Moreover, it will also be a renowned complement to your high-tech flat screen TV, add up to the global technology-Aware look in your home.

JämO A 804 is made of steel and high density polymers, and comes with a hard and low resonance cabinet, with carefully designed bass to deliver a deep rolling LF, even at high volumes. The driver complement to JämO A 804 consists of a 3 / 4''tweeter with Wave Guide technology and loaded into a coaxial array with 4.5''mid-range unit, it will go as high as 20 kHz. On the base page, you'll probably enjoy the thundering sound of a double set of 4,5''woofers extension of the LF response down to 70 Hz. JämO A 804 will deliver 80W RMS continuous power, in 6 ohms impedance and with 87 dB sensitivity. The speakers will start shipping in early January, was for a price of $ 449.

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