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Simple operation for the Yorozu

Written by IT News on 12:50 AM

Yorozu is a clever gadget that shows that there may be more to portable audio than you can think of in the first place. Being able to enjoy audio in pretty much every place you can find yourself every day is one thing that really does not need a real speaker, as most of you might think. And if you still think it is baloney, you can take a closer look at the Yorozu, a surprising toy for people who like good alternative solutions.

We still do not know what Yorozu means in Japanese (if it actually means something), but the gadget is pretty cool, it uses vibrations to make things resonator and audio production.

First of all, the Yorozu can be used with any kind of portable music source, as long as it sports a 3.5 mm jack. All you need to do is plug your MP3 player, CD / DVD player, iPod or similar to Yorozu with the help of a Jack-Jack Cable, stick to the vibrating end of this toy to something you want to convert a temporary speaker, and press "Play". The Yorozu will convert the audio signal received from your player, and will convert it into impulses transmitted through the cable to the vibrating bit.

To enjoy the sound comes from a bottle, your cabinets, doors and other objects, you must attach the vibrating part of Yorozu to them, using pillows provided in the box. The Yorozu can deliver a power of 1 W, with a 2 V peak, and can be used with almost anything. The fact is that the package contains an empty milk carton, so you experiment with Yorozu as soon as you get your hands on it.
It works with three AAA batteries and weighs about 26 grams, while its small dimensions will not burden you. From now on you will just keep the vibrating end to what you think would be better resonator and enjoy your music. AC resistance is 8 ohms, and the reproduced frequency range between 425 Hz to 9 kHz. Not a good base and no audiophile-class peaks from Yorozu, but we assume that nobody really expected otherwise.

Now, if you cannot find a better use for $ 89 and feels like being in an experimental mood, the Yorozu is your best business. Moreover, think of pranks you can set by Yorozu - how cool would a kitchen table or chair that when a strange voice coming from nowhere would say that it is the Archangel Michael to speak?


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