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Nintendo Again over 200,000

Written by IT News on 2:37 AM

The Japanese video game hardware and software chart by week 21 December, and the time until the holidays seem to be particularly fruitful for sale, with all the consoles increased number and with good prospects of seeing more sales in the coming week.

Nintendo DS moved 200,000 units, for the second time in a row, 204,100 consoles sold. While most of the sales of the newer JM model, two cameras and a better result. PlayStation Portable from Sony sold 146,000 units during the same period, since most of the sales will consist of the new PSP-4000 model.

In the home console segment again, Nintendo had the upper hand, selling 131,000 Wii consoles in a week, while the closest competitor was Sony with its PlayStation 3, which saw sales increase to 39,000 units moved in a week. Microsoft, Xbox 360 sold 12,900 units and only managed to outsell the aging PlayStation 2, which had a turnover of 8700th effects of the price of the Xbox 360 has received a boost in September and the PS3 is back to his dominant role in Japan.

The best-selling video game of the week was Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Square Enix by the administration to sell 489,000 copies in the first week, the strength of the franchise agreement is still in Japan. Another new release, to sell a large quantity of copies in its first week has Musou2 Mobile Suit Gundam for the PlayStation 3, published by Koei. Number three in the video chart is Nintendo's Kirby Super Star Ultra, sales 150000 sets. Animal Crossing: City People continue to sell even 145,000 units delivered, while Tales of Hearts was at number five, with 124,000 in sales.

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