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Lucid Hydra chip to enable hybrid graphics on upcoming Intel motherboard

Written by IT News on 8:31 PM

As Intel first released its new X58 consumer desktop platform, not only provide support for next-generation Core i7 processors, but also presented a significant new element. The Nehalem-supporting X58 "Smackover" The Board has been designed so that system builders and PC enthusiasts to take advantage of both NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU graphics solution. But according to some of the latest details in the industry, the next "Smackover" motherboard, released by Intel, which will take several GPU feature to the next level, which the company plans to provide support to a "mix and match" GPU setup.

Earlier this year, reports on a new technology developed by visionary, that PC users may soon have the opportunity to improve the graphics performance of their systems by combining non-like graphics.

To put it more simply, a user would be able to use an old GeForce 8800GT graphics card and add a system already operated by a newer GTX 280 one. The same can be done for the video card that is developed by AMD's subsidiary ATI. Moreover, technology is said to work smoothly, so that a GeForce graphics card to be connected to a system that is already equipped with a Radeon card.

According to a recent news article on the Inquirer, Intel's next Smackover motherboard could adopt that technology, which gives users a real choice for graphics upgrade. The perceptive Hydra chip would be integrated into the next platform, which would result in support for mixed multi-GPU graphics setup.

It is unclear if Smackover II and perceptive chip currently 100% work, but the fact that Intel is rumored to work on such a product is quite understandable, given the chip maker's intentions in the graphics market. In addition, you should take into account that Intel has been investing in visionary Technologies, as collaboration between the two is not very farfetched.

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