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The Adamo could be Dell's answer to Apple's MacBook Air

Written by IT News on 3:31 AM

Already in January this year, Apple released what it described as the "world's thinnest laptop", officially called the MacBook Air. Since its release, the MacBook Air has experienced some changes, with the official unveiling of the company's updated line of portable computer systems, which have also switched from Intel's integrated graphics to a solution provided by Santa Clara, California-based NVIDIA.

On January 15, 2009, MacBook Air is celebrating one years since it was released, but the celebrations could shaded by a possible release of a new notebook from Dell, said to be dubbed Adamo, and is expected to be the next largest competitor for Apple's thin MacBook Air.

There are not many specifications that go on at the moment, but according to available data, the Adamo is expected to be marketed as "the world's thinnest notebook." That statement alone makes Dell's mysterious laptop computer system a direct competitor to Apple's MacBook Air. But Dell is not the first PC maker to try to provide their customers with a computer alternative to the MacBook Air.

According to additional information on that laptop, Dell is expected to debut in the system sometime in early 2009, but according to previous reports have Adamo was scheduled to be released this month. The Adamo is expected to boast a black and silver color scheme.

Despite some solid specifications available at this time, Dell could release a product that will be intended for a niche market segment. Given that it will compete with Apple's MacBook Air, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell may have a better chance to record a success in the market on Adamo is priced significantly lower than its competitor. An alternative would be to release a notebook that can also provide better specifications compared to Apple's product.

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