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Intel adds two dual-core Celeron CPU models

Written by IT News on 2:49 AM

Intel has recently updated its processor offering with the introduction of two new models, part of the company's Celeron family. The new processor models have been designed using a 65nm technology, and promise that the performance of a dual-core CPU architecture.

According to a recent news article on the site hexus channel, the release of the two new Dual-Core mobile Celeron processors also marks the debut of the first such units delivered from the Santa Clara, California-based chip maker. In accordance with the available technical specifications, these products should be used with upcoming low-power and low cost, portable computer systems.

Both the T1600 and T1700 benefit from a 65nm manufacturing, and boasts 1 MB L2 cache, a 667MHz FSB and a TDP level of just 35W. There is a slight difference between the two models in terms of performance. While the T1600 is depicted a core temperature of only 1.66 GHz (in the vicinity of Intel's highly successful Atom processor), the T1700 is expected to provide a basic speed of 1.83GHz. The Price is wise, these new chips, which are scheduled to be available for $ 80 and $ 85.

The T1600 and T1700 have been listed on the company's plan for some time now, but, despite the recent introduction, they are not expected to be available until Q1 of next year. Given their less powerful specifications and relatively low price point, it is very possible that users will soon be able to buy some low-power and ultra-portable PC that will be operated by any of the above processors. It would be interesting to see a performance test between one of these new models and one of Intel's Atom processor products.

In related news, Intel's Netbook roadmap has recently been reported to get an update, adding a new 32nm successor to the Atom, is scheduled to be released in 2010.


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