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AMD's Phenom II chips got benchmarked

Written by IT News on 2:24 AM

Without a doubt, Advanced Micro Devices' next-generation II buff processors are expected. The new chips, based on the company's core processes Deneb, said in a position to chip manufacturers back in a competitive position in relation to its rival Intel. The chips have made it to the headlines on Recently, quite often, and now we learn that an enthusiast has succeeded, the hands of one of the processors and run some benchmarks on them.

The next fan II 940 CPU, which comes with a core frequency of 3 GHz and 8 MB cache, is at the helm have a 4091 on the 3DMark06 results. In addition, the player also managed to over clock the chip at 3.85GHz, a speed with which a score of the 5086th The buff-II-940 CPU is currently compatible with AMD AM2 + chipsets and work with DDR2, the effect on the valuation managed to deliver.

The Sunnyvale company announced that the first AM2 + chips it would release the new members is only to mark the transition to the next to come AM3 platform, which comes with DDR3 support. In addition, AMD also plans for relief at a certain point parts compatible with AM2 + and AM3 platforms. Since DDR3 platforms is expected that they will provide higher performance than the existing ones, the chip is a better 3DMark06 values.

The buff-II processors were reported to be quite large OverClockers, so that their frequency to leverage up to 4GHz on air and 6.3GHz for liquid nitrogen. Despite this, 5086 results do not look too impressive in comparison with 6608 points i7 Intel Core Extreme managed up to a similar speed. The difference between the chips is large enough, but AMD may be able to surprise us if the fan II is launched.

Next-generation AMD processors are expected to be presented at CES 2009 in January. The Sunnyvale company will release two processors at this time, the phenom X4 II 920 and phenom X4-II-940 processors.

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