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Sony said don’t get any profit from PlayStation 3

Written by IT News on 6:37 PM

Few players are aware of the fact that sales of game consoles are a risky business. The console takes years and a lot of money to organize and work for the prototypes created. Since a console cannot be in the first year is for sale because of the limited hardware performance or because of limited support for video game publishers. And even if the console sells well and is fast, the players, they tend to lose money on each game device sold.

iSuppli is a research to analyze the latest PlayStation 3 from Sony and found that the company made significant progress in relation to the console. It seems that the first PS3 model, which was sold to players for $ 600 costs about $ 800, which means that Sony basically lost $ 200 on each unit sold.

With time, the Japanese manufacturer has managed to significantly reduce costs. On the one hand, the number of parts in the gaming industry unit from 4048 to 2820th On the other hand, components and production costs has been consolidated for most of them fell. This means that at present costs for PlayStation 3 console is around 448 U.S. dollars, as Sony will lose about $ 50 on a console that sells for $ 399.

Andrew Rassweiler, an analyst at iSuppli, says that in 2009, Sony even achieve equality, to sell its console at a price equal to its manufacturing costs. He believes that "Every time we have a disconnection, it's kind of backward looking. Sony is one step ahead of us, and probably has plans to re-spin of the hardware, costs again."

Microsoft is also meant to lose money on each Xbox 360 sold, although no breakdown is available at the moment.

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