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Apple's currently-available Gift Cards

Written by IT News on 2:14 AM

Apple's website has been constantly changing over the past two months, with holiday artwork, new ads, and new offerings. One of these offerings include a 3G iPhone Gift. The company is now in detail how visitors can redeem the tickets, not only for the popular phone, but also for iTunes gift for one and a training and much more.

Overall, customers can tomb four types of such articles, namely Apple Gift, iTunes Gift Cards; Gift 3G iPhone, and a Gift. The company headquartered in Cupertino, California, points out that users can adapt.

"The pressure is off. Now your friends and family can get almost everything that Apple offers in its huge collection of Mac and iPod products at an Apple Store in the U.S. - online, by phone, and in an Apple Store in your proximity. Only one Apple Gift and the recipient can choose between qualified products, "says Apple.

Customers can select one or more such elements, they can buy online in a denomination of $ 25 to $ 2500th parties are interested in buying larger quantities of cards (more than 10 bits) are invited to contact the manufacturer for Mac 1-800-MY -APPLE. The same people who buy should note that the following Apple products can not be eradicated from the iTunes Music Store. You have to buy an iTunes card instead.

What was the end of November; Apple updated its site with a special holiday gift, which will be required for the acquisition of an iPhone 3G mobile phone. The product is aimed at those who want to make the iPhone 3G a Christmas gift that enables customers to load a value between $ 25 and $ 2500, and lets them add a personal message. Apple employees, for their part, offer a free introduction and adaptation of the product.

Following Apple's unveiling of the iPhone 3G Gift, and Black Friday deals, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu, a forecast that the iPhone 3G would Giftcard 1M units. It remains unclear how successful Apple was in motion. But the companies that Mr Wu Watchers are sure to shed some light on the issue as soon as they can their hands on some figures.

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