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New Compaq Mini 700 netbook

Written by IT News on 7:38 PM

Back in late October, when Hewlett-Packard first time its latest addition to the Netbook product company is planning the release of a further small, portable computer, the only way to compete in the European market. Said laptop was expected that from the Compaq Mini 700, with about the same technical specifications as the recently introduced Mini 1000 HP has in its time the release of the Compaq Mini 700, but Netbook is now visible in Europe and has already launched a series of tests and benchmarks for interested users with information about their abilities.

From last week, it was in Europe that a new Netbook on the market. It was about the same time; Compaq Mini 700 has been reviewed and compared with the guys over at Notebook Italia. In addition to the results of a series of tests, the Italian side had also devoted a good portion of the article specifically about the dismantling of the Netbook, so that users with a different view in a system designed for ultra-portability and Internet applications.

From the beginning, we should mention that a settlement of these can be used as a guide, as netbooks and how they can be improved in terms of various possible accidents. The article provides insight into the functions that are typically used for laptop computers in size, can be crowded in such a small form factor notebook.

Even if you buy a Netbook, the article can be useful, because it will give you information on the storage and memory of the system can be upgraded for better performance. Compaq Mini 700 is that almost every other Netbook on the market with the same Intel Atom N270 and 945GSE Express Combo, as in most of these products. The difference lies in the design and overall build quality.

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