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The new JavaFX from Sun Microsystems

Written by IT News on 2:26 AM

With the launch of JavaFX 1.0, Sun Microsystems is trying to bridge the functionality required to build rich Internet applications (Rias) with immersive media and content designed to play nice with both browser and desktop computers. Claiming that Java already accounts for an installed base of over 800 million computers in the world, Sun Microsystems is applauding JavaFX 1.0 as one of the most important aspects of the Java platform development.

"The Internet market has evolved within and far beyond the traditional browser, fueled by an explosion of Java-powered smart phones and consumer electronics products, from RIM's Blackberry to the Amazon ignite," showed Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and President and CEO of Sun Microsystems. "Sun's newest JavaFX platform combines Java technology throughout billion devices, with an easy to use open source platform now made it possible with high quality and sound, focusing on consumers and content owners around the world - and over the Internet."

According to Sun Microsystems, JavaFX 1.0 ultimately aims to simplify building content beyond interactive Rich Internet Applications, also streamline the integration of High Fidelity audio and video, but also rich text, vector graphics, animations and cloud services. Already there are over 90% of the world's computers, Java technology is now ready to move to the next level with JavaFX 1.0.

Runtime provides three major components: JavaFX development environment, the JavaFX Production Suite and JavaFX Desktop. Via the new implementation of Java Plug-in, as well as functions for the Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) 6 Update 10, JavaFX 1.0 to allows users to install applets from the browser to the desktop using a simple drag and drop to move.

The collection of tools and plug-ins that can be combined to deliver JavaFX Production Suite set up to make it easy for developers to build content. But when it comes to development, runtime tools, graphics, media, Web Services and rich text libraries are increasingly being offered via JavaFX development environment.

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