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Microsoft extend the ability of Windows XP

Written by IT News on 2:36 AM

Although cooking it's Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft has also managed to further expand the availability of Windows XP. With 32-bit version of Vista was the precursor to Service Pack 3 and SP2 64-bit version, Windows XP will now live up to June 2009. The latest postponement means that the XP operating system originally released in late 2001 will survive the recent launch of Vista until SP2 and Windows 7 will be in the final stages of development.

Microsoft has decided to extend XP's availability to the end of May 2009, according to CRN in a move that aims to support the system builder. At that time, the builders can still get Windows XP licenses for new machines, and will continue to do so until January 31, 2009. But the software giant has relaxed System Builder License availability end date for Windows XP. The fact is that system builders will be able to obtain a license of Windows XP even after January 31, 2009 officially end date.

In this regard, Microsoft informed that, while January 31, 2009 remains the deadline for placing the new XP OEM licenses, deliveries will be spread out to the end of May. Microsoft's tactics, the system builders have elbow room with their financial resources, no longer having to get as many XP licenses that they can afford January 31, 2009 and frequency hopping technology that supplies will run in accordance with demand.

Windows XP is no longer available through OEM and retail channels since June 30, 2008, although the original date was January 31, 2008. But even with Vista SP1 available and Vista SP2 on the immediate horizon, Microsoft's latest delay for Windows XP is a clear indication of the Windows client is still favored by consumers. This is of course still an extension of XP's availability remains in force, and which will last even after Windows 7 hits the shelves. "As of April 2008, Microsoft extend the availability of Windows XP Home Edition OEM install on the Ultra-cheap computers. The new OEM end date is the later of either June 30, 2010, or one year after the general availability of the next version of Windows," reads a fragment from the Microsoft Windows Life-Cycle Policy.

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