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Samsung announces new 500GB per platter Spinpoint F3 HDDs

Written by IT News on 3:44 AM

Samsung has recently announced the launch of a new arrangement of Spin Point F3 hard drives with 500GB Plat professions. The new storage solution is designed for work environments where high-density disks are needed for high-end computing applications. The company's new F3 hard drives allow users with a flatter speed 7200RPM and a high capacity storage solution with 1 TB.

"Our customers need not only increased capacity but also high performance for their server and desktop storage systems while promoting a green environment, says Choel-Hee Lee, Vice President of Marketing, Storage Systems Division of Samsung Electronics." The huge capacity of each plate and high-performance features in the new Spin Point F3 make it an attractive solution to control the growth of high-density storage."

In Seoul, South Korea-based Company, the new HDD Spin Point F3 series is designed to use 500 GB per platter technology provides up to 1TB of storage in a single hard drive solution. This design feature may be Samsung's latest 3.5-inch hard drives to give users a safe environment for their data, which gives a 30 percent increase in performance compared to three platter 1TB solutions. In addition, the new discs are shown with SATA 3.0Gbps interface, 16MB/32MB buffer memory and 7200RPM rotational speed.

Like most modern hard drives, the new Spin Point F3 series is also the subject of a number of technologies, including Silent Seek and Noise Guard, which aims to ensure a calm environment for the end user. What is the price and availability, the new 1TB drives are scheduled to arrive in August, while the 500GB models are already all over the world. The price has not yet revealed.

NZXT intros new M59 gaming chassis

Written by IT News on 3:01 AM

Although desktop PC sales were not good recently, portable systems are increasingly popular choice for most consumers, overclocking and gaming enthusiasts are still looking for the latest editions of the hardware market. In this respect, NZXT, a company that focuses on providing gaming enthusiasts with the most advanced solutions for their gaming rig, has just announced that the introduction of the new
Gaming Chassis M59. With an average see the new desktop is designed for the latest hardware components, computer enthusiasts with support for an adequate cooling system.

"M59, the player with the perfect balance between performance and style with a variety of features for under $ 60," said Johnny Hou, Chief Designer at NZXT. "Flow, scalability, cable management, easy installation and tight look and feel makes this a very attractive for the budget conscious player.”

According to the specifications of the new NZXT chassis, allows users up to five 120mm fans, with option for two of the top 140mm and three 120mm fans. The black casing also includes support for up to seven expansion slots, four 5.25-inch external drive bays and seven internal 3.5-inch drive bays. There is no mention of support for some of the latest 2.5-inch drives, making it possible for users to install high-performance NAND Flash-based Solid State Drives.

The M59 series is a mid-tower black chassis designed with a steel construction for better protection of internal components. It measures 190 x 449 x 508 mm (W x H x D) and comes with a 500W power supply, ready for high-end desktop PC. The chassis is designed to support ATX and Micro-ATX, which are the two most common form factors for motherboards. What is the pricing, the chassis will be available from August for U.S. $59.99.

Dell Adamo gets a much welcomed price cut

Written by IT News on 1:13 AM

Dell AdamoAt the beginning of the year, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell, the world's leading suppliers of portable computer systems, announced the release of the much anticipated Adamo laptop, an ultra-portable computer that is intended to compete with the Apple MacBook Air and Voodoo Envy HP. With a very slim and elegant design, the new laptop will be made in two different configurations; both are based on Intel's low-power processor platform. One of the biggest drawbacks of this system, despite its attractive design, was that it was priced fairly restrictive price points. But it seems that Dell learned from their mistakes and has recently lowered prices on two models.

The much-hyped Adamo Dell laptop is now available for only U.S. $1499 for 1.2GHz-powered model. This is a good $500 discount on the company's launch price of U.S. $1999 for the same model. The higher end model, which has a SSD storage solution and 1.4GHz processor, is now as low as U.S. $ 2299, a reduction from the original price of U.S. $2700. The company seems to continue like Intel, and has not changed anything on the system configuration.

Although these prices are more than welcome, there are still so the purchasing power of most portable consumer. The new pricing system better position Dell's stylish notebook Adamo to Apple's MacBook Air basic model, i.e. the price of USD in 1499 and has a 1.86GHz processor, 2GB memory and 120GB hard disk space. But the highest performance of the MacBook Air will cost U.S. $1799 and provides a faster 2.13GHz processor, 2GB memory and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics solution.

It will be interesting to see if Adamo will continue to further price declines, which may be a better competitor to the aforementioned MacBook Air and Voodoo Envy.

Samsung starts mass production of the industry's first 2Gb 40nm memory chip

Written by IT News on 8:44 AM

Samsung, the world's leading innovators in advanced memory technology, recently announced that it successfully launched mass production of the first two gigabytes (GB) DDR3 devices, are designed by efficient 40nm technology class. With the announcement of the company further strengthens its position as an innovator in the memory industry as its customers with an efficient production that provides about 60 percent productivity increase in production more than previous generation 50nm process.

"We see market adoption of DDR3 in motion and courtesy of the early registration of 2Gb DDR3 with the most efficient DRAM manufacturing technology available today," said Jim Elliott, Vice President, Memory Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "This will show the way for a new standard for premium environmentally friendly DRAM solutions offer the most advanced, low power RDIMM for servers everywhere."

The company announced that it would use the new class 40nm chip at 16 GB, 8 GB and 4 GB RDIMMs to servers and UDIMM (unregistered in-line memory modules) for workstations and desktop computers. It will also SODIMM (small summary dual in-line memory modules) up to 4 GB for use in laptops, for customers with complete memory to offer the company's latest memory chip. According to Samsung, the new 2Gb chip is designed as energy-efficient solutions for high-density, high-performance memory and can support data speeds of 1.6 gigabits per second (Gbps) of 1.35 volts.

According to a recent report from market research firm iSuppli, 2GB DDR3 is expected to account for 82 percent of the total DDR3 DRAM market in terms of units sold in 2012. Next year, these new chips are expected to become mainstream DDR3 DRAM product, Samsung's move is a special interest, managed to be the first to mass-produce these chips.

Intex netbook packs the same Intel Atom platform

Written by IT News on 8:31 AM

Intex netbook packs the same Intel Atom platformGo with leading suppliers such as Acer, ASUS, MSI, Dell and other Indian company, Intex has recently announced the introduction of the first ultra-portable, small, low-power computer system, called netbook. N101-WC1100 appointed, the new machine takes on the same technical specifications as most other systems
category, where users with an Intel Atom-based solution, which will be available in two colors.

You get no surprises with Intex N101-WC1100 netbook, which is designed with an Intel Atom platform and is the subject of the enormously popular Atom N270 1.6GHz processor. The system packs the standard 1 GB of RAM, a 160GB SATA hard drive, integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics and LED-backlit 10.1-inch screen. It weighs at 1.2kg, battery included, and we hear that it can be upgraded with 2GB RAM, for users who want to squeeze a little more performance from this low-power computer.

The 10-inch netbook also packs wireless 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth and is to be able to provide users with approximately 4 hours of battery life, but actual numbers may vary. As you might know, the netbook come with 1.3MP webcam, a 7-in-1 card reader, and 10/100 Ethernet LAN connection. Try to take your attention Intex netbook will be available in two colors, including red, chic and elegant black."

The system is relatively inexpensive and is well within their category; with black painted N101-WC1100 go for about U.S. $390, while the red version costs about U.S. $ 10 more. There is no information on whether this netbook will be available outside India, but given the fierce competition that has shaped the netbook segment, there is a good chance that the Intex N101-WC1100 will not operate on the global market.

NVIDIA adds new WHQL-certified GeForce graphics drivers

Written by IT News on 8:21 AM

NVIDIA adds new WHQL-certified GeForce graphics driversAfter a recent beta version of the new GeForce 190.38 drivers for video cards and ION products in Santa Clara, California-based graphics chip maker is now WHQL-certified version of the above directors. As you can expect that the majority of the NVIDIA graphics drivers, the new version adds support for new applications, improves performance and provides a series of fixes for known bugs. The new version can be downloaded from this blog, which provides support for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users.

The new GeForce / ION driver release is WHQL certified and supports all recent Nvidia GPUs ranging from the old GeForce 6-series to the newer 200-series desktop GPUs and new ION GPUs. As with the beta version, WHQL version adds support for OpenGL 3.1 API and the new CuDa 2.3, those users with better performance of the GPU Computing applications. In addition, NVIDIA also a number of new panel features and a large number of bug fixes.

The new GeForce 190.38 WHQL-certified release gives an improvement of the functions previously. These drivers provide users with support for SLI technology and PhysX System Software version 9.09.0428, and allow them to a special PhysX acceleration on GeForce graphics cards, improve performance in a single-GPU solution. The driver pack includes GeForce Power Pack Plus # 3, as a user with a number of programs that are optimized for GeForce GPUs.

For those looking for an upgrade to the new GeForce 190.38 WHQL-certified graphics drivers, we have the following links and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the most popular Windows operating systems including XP, Vista and 7.

NVIDIA GeForce/ION Driver Release 190.38-WHQL for Windows XP 32-bit
NVIDIA GeForce/ION Driver Release 190.38-WHQL for Windows XP 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce/ION Driver Release 190.38-WHQL for Windows Vista/7 32-bit
NVIDIA GeForce/ION Driver Release 190.38-WHQL for Windows Vista/7 64-bit

Intel plans new Core i3, i5 and i7 processors

Written by IT News on 8:07 AM

i7 processorsIntel is preparing the launch of the new mainstream processors, most of which are based on the holding of the next generation of Lynnfield core. The new CPU models are designed for the company LGA 1156 socket, which means that motherboard makers have been busy for them, trying to increase its market share to new signs. In this respect, it seems that we now more complete picture of what has come from Santa Clara, California-based chip maker.

According to a recent news article on space on the site HKEPC, chip maker in the first round of the LGA 1156-compatible processors include three models, quad-core Core i5 750, Core i7 860 and Core i7 870. Core i7 models are designed for high-end systems and boasts speeds of 2.8GHz and 2.93GHz respectively, and an integrated dual-channel DDR3-1333 memory controller, 8 MB L3 cache and a TDP of 95W. Core i7 models support Hyper-Threading technology (ie, support for multi-threaded applications), while the smaller and cheaper Core i5 is the clock at 2.66 and will not Hyper-Threading function.

Later, during the first quarter of 2010, the company has claimed to promote energy-efficient models (at 82W TDP) of the above i5 Core 750 and Core i7 860, with prices said to begin at U.S. $259 and U.S. $337, respectively.

If the company 32nm layout, Intel seems to be the first 32nm LGA 1156-based processors in Q1 2010, making them available in six variants, all of which will be dual-core processors with DirectX 10 integrated graphics processor, DDR3 - 1333 memory controller and TDP on 73W. The six are part of the i3 Core and Core i5 series with two models in the Core i3 family, three in Core i5 series and one in the Pentium family.

Corsair intros new Extreme SSD Series

Written by IT News on 9:38 PM

CorsairCorsair has recently updated its range of high performance Solid State Drives with the introduction of a new Extreme Series line. According to the company, its new family of high-end SSDs will be available in storage capacities of 32, 64 and 128GB. According to Corsair, the new line of SSDs designed using the new Indilinx Barefoot controller to storage with performance of up to 240MB / s read and 170MB / s write. This places Corsair latest offer some of the highest performance SSD solutions on the market.

"The combination of Indilinx Barefoot controller, Samsung flash memory and 64 MB of onboard cache gives blisters, stutter-free performance, eliminating bottlenecks that traditional mechanical hard drives," says Jim Carlton, VP Marketing at Corsair. "The New Extreme Series SSDs are ideal for use as primarily operates in computers and laptops, and RAID 0 configurations in high-performance computers for enthusiasts who want extreme performance."

The new Corsair Extreme SSD series is built with a mixture of the Samsung MLC NAND Flash memory and the new Indilinx Barefoot controller, which allows a maximum reading speed of 240MB / s and write speed up to 170MB / s. In addition, the new discs with the end-user upgrade firmware that makes it possible to provide support to the next TRIM command in Windows 7. The upgrade will be made available via their own website.

Despite the fact that Corsair does not have full information on the prices of the new series, Slash Gear reports that these devices are already available for the same price as U.S. $413.99 U.S. $249.99 and U.S. $125.99 for the X128, x64 and x32 models, respectively.

Dell intros new Inspiron 17 laptop

Written by IT News on 8:48 PM

Dell intros new Inspiron 17 laptopRound Rock has recently updated its Inspiron layout with the addition of a new 17.3-inch model. Just copied Inspiron 17, the new laptop comes with a relatively small price tag and has a simple external design, catering to the needs of mainstream consumers. The system is based on an Intel platform and provides users with three configurations that will enable them to choose which best suits their needs.

Inspiron 17 is equipped with a 17.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1600x900 pixels and a 16:9. The display is also LED backlit so that users can benefit from a better visual experience. Apart from that they can choose from a number of Intel processors, up to a 2.4-GHz Core 2 Duo, with basic configurations starting price of U.S. $499, U.S. $649 and U.S. $799.

The basic price for the Inspiron 17 is $499, which will provide users with a dual core 2GHz Pentium processor, 2GB RAM, a 160GB hard drive, an Intel X4500HD graphics chip, high-definition audio, a Dell wireless 802.11g half mini -map and a 4-cell lithium battery. In order to improve performance and add features in the system, users can select up to 4 GB of memory, larger capacity 500 GB hard drive, Blu-ray, a 6-cell battery and a 256MB Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics card.

Dell also promises a 9-cell battery for the orders in early August, while later in September, the Inspiron 17 will be available with a 512MB graphics card and a 1080p screen. All systems are equipped with Windows Vista operating system and have the support of at least 1-year warranty.

Intel has updated its launch schedule for Clarksfield CPUs

Written by IT News on 4:29 PM

Intel CPUThe "back to school" period is fast approaching, it is no wonder that rumors of the new Intel processors will surface on the Internet. According to recent reports, Santa Clara, California-based chip maker has to be updated launch schedule for a couple of new processors, including the highly anticipated notebook targeted Clarkfield CPU, new desktop-based Lynnfield processors and several new server chips. All these new products will be launched between August and October this year, with options for customers with Intel's latest processor solutions.

According to a recent news article on Digi Times, the world's largest chip maker is preparing to work with the entire line of computer processors, which are addressed to all three major segments, laptops, desktops and servers. The company will continue its expectations and Clark Field Lynnfield processors for notebook and desktop platforms, while the server market, Intel is preparing the launch of several new solutions. In addition, the chip maker is also said to prepare the launch of two new processors for ultra-thin notebooks, as the building for debut before the end of September.

Somewhere in late September and early October, Intel plans to release their new processors, Clark Field, the XE 2 GHz Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad P2 and 1.73GHz Core 2 Quad P1, rated power at 1.6GHz. These new features targeted at the portable market and will be accompanied by SU2300 Celeron and Celeron 743, for extremely thin notebook computers.

Regarding the company's desktop processors, the Lynnfield CPUs are scheduled to arrive between 8 and September 11, together with its new mainstream chipset is the P55 with its new Socket LGA1156.

The server company, Intel will announce Xeon W5590, W3580, W3550 and L5530 at the beginning of August and the new Xeon X3470, 3460, 3450, 3440 and 3430 processors, which debuted at about the same time as the much anticipated Lynnfield processors, in addition to the 3400 and 3420 chipsets.

ASUS unveils new T1 series of monitors

Written by IT News on 4:22 PM

ASUS T1ASUS has just announced that the introduction of the new TV monitor T1 series, a new line of monitors that are designed to provide users with a choice of a desktop monitor and LCD TV in a single product. Available in three different sizes, the new series has support for HD-TV Full HD broadcasts and Blu-ray Disc playback for a true multimedia experience. The Taiwanese company, the new series offers several unique features to meet a broader range of entertainment lovers.

The new T1 Series from ASUS will be available in three different models, each one sporting a larger display. First of all, users can find ASUS 'New 21.5-inch widescreen TV monitor, with support for a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. There is also a 23.6-inch and 27-inch widescreen models, both designed to provide users with support for full 1080p resolution.

Extra functions are implemented in the ASUS new series, to 16.7 million colors, a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness and a response time of 5ms. In addition, the company has its own Splendid Video Intelligence Technology and designed the new displays with built-in 7W (RMS) stereo speakers. There are a number of inputs and outputs, including HDMI, composite, S-Video, SCART 1 optical S / PDIF out, 3.5 mm headphone mini-jack and more.

The use of ASUS's Splendid Video Intelligence technology, which enables users to scroll through four preset positions, including Scenery, Night Scene, and Standard Games. Unfortunately, it did not disclose any details about prices and availability of its new series, but we'll try to update you as soon as they become available.

MSI unveils new Radeon Cyclone series of GPUs

Written by IT News on 4:18 PM

MSI, one of the world's leading suppliers of motherboards, video cards, laptops and other computer products, has just announced to expand its graphics cards with the introduction of another Radeon-based layout. The new models use the latest high-performance single-GPU solution from AMD, the Radeon HD 4890, which many users with 1 GB of GDDR5 memory and GPU speed as high as 1 GHz. The new series earlier this year has exhibited at the Computex computer display in Taipei, Taiwan.

The new Cyclone layout of the MSI graphics and overclocking of enthusiasts with a high-end graphics solution that is equipped with a dual-slot, single-fan cooling. According to the taiwan's supplier, the new cards have a 10cm PWM fan, which is allegedly the largest in a Radeon HD 4890 cards currently on the market. The major structure of the fan, in combination with the integration of four heat pipes (which is 60% thicker than the traditional, according to MSI), the Cyclone condenser to provide users with an efficient cooling solution for high-end GPU.

What are the technical specifications, the new cards, users with implementation of AMD's current flagship Radeon HD 4890 model. Cyclone R4890 OC Edition will be available with a 880MHz core speed, combined with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, which has a frequency of 3900MHz. Like other Radeon GPUs, this card allows users to support Microsoft DirectX 10.1, CrossFireX multi-GPU configurations, ATI Avivo HD Technology, ATI-Stream technology and PCI Express 2.0 support.

Unfortunately, there are no data on the map of prices and availability, but the new series will be time to shelves dealers worldwide.

eMachines unveils new EZ all-in-one desktop

Written by IT News on 3:58 PM

eMachineseMachines has announced today to extend its range of all-in-one PCs with the introduction of the new EZ1601-01 desktop, a low power, affordable computer system users with the foundation in computer technology. According to Acer subsidiary eMachines new all-in-one desktop combines elegant and stylish design of the company's EZ series with low power hardware that may be necessary IT solution to run everyday applications.

"The eMachines EZ1601-01 all-in-one PC shows style need not come at a higher price," says Glenn Jystad, senior manager, desktop products for eMachines. "It also shows that the capacity and functionality need not be sacrificed at the expense of good-looking design."

The EZ1601-01 all-in-one PC is built on one of Intel's most successful platforms which have hitherto 945GSE Express chipset and Atom N270 processor, the clock at 1.6GHz. These are basically the same hardware components that are included in most netbooks and nettops market users with a lower and higher energy efficiency. In addition to the above Intel CPU and chipset, the Irvine, California-based PC vendor, the system is equipped with 1GB DDR2 memory, a 160GB hard drive, a multi-in-one card reader, Super Multi optical drive, five USB 2.0 ports built-in speakers, keyboard and mouse.

For an MSRP of $399.99 has 18.5-inch all-in-one PC eMachines allows users with basic computer experience in an all-in-one package. The system will be available in Diamond black with green LED lights and silver trim boasts a thin design for users easy to install in almost all parts of the room.

AMD intros five new energy-efficient Opteron processors

Written by IT News on 1:18 AM

Advanced Micro Devices has just announced a new processor, its latest range of six-core Opteron chip, previously codenamed Istanbul. These new models are designed for customers with a choice of a high-performance processor which also improve the energy efficiency of their high-end systems. There are five new models in AMD's 6-core arrangement, with three focusing on 2P servers, while the other two are for 4P/8P servers.

"Since our initial introduction of multi-core processors for the server market, AMD is the mission to help IT managers reduce datacenter energy costs, but that performance," said Patrick Patla, Vice President and General Manager, Server Business, AMD. "This new lower current Six-Core AMD Opteron processors feature the highest performance per watt that we are on the market and contribute to the implementation of power while the changing landscape of clouds and Web contemporary data. And six cores of compute power and Direct Connect Architecture, these processors do not compromise the results. "

AMD's new range includes the Opteron 2439 SE, a 2.8 GHz processor comes with a TDP of 105 watts, the 2425 HE, clock at 2.1GHz and a TDP of 55 watts, and 2423 HE, with a frequency of 2, 0 GHz and 55 watts, all designed for 2P servers. 4P/8P In addition to servers, AMD also announced the availability of the two models, Opteron 8425 HE, clock at 2.1GHz and 55 watts TDP, and the new flagship, the Opteron 8439 SE, the clock at 2.8 GHz and TDP of 105 watts.

What is the price, the new chip will be available for prices between U.S. $ 455 for the Opteron 2423 HE U.S. $ 2649 for the new flagship, the Opteron 8439 SE. According to AMD, the new 6-core processors SE contribute about 50% performance improvement compared to its quad-core SE models.

Packard Bell intros updated ixtreme desktop PC

Written by IT News on 5:42 AM

Acer has Packard Bell has just announced that the introduction of an updated version of the company's ixtreme desktop computer that is intended to provide users with support for the latest computer hardware and certain characteristics that may have a computer experience. According to the company, the new system, designed for gaming and multimedia enthusiasts, packs a unique and stylish design, along with a number of high-performance hardware components.

What are the technical specifications, the new system can be equipped with a selection of Intel Core i7, Core 2 Quad or AMD X4 phenomena II processor. This provides users with the latest in computer performance, offering a range of high performance and a good performance and quality. It can also be equipped with up to 12 GB of DDR3 memory, 3 TB disk space, optional Blu-Ray Combo drive, NVIDIA latest GeForce graphics cards (up to GeForce GTS 250), or Intel integrated graphics solution with support for Microsoft DirectX 10.

In addition to pumping the system with the latest hardware performance, the new Packard Bell ixtreme desktop with a new exterior design, which is characterized by a more sophisticated chassis with top-position multi-card reader and I / O panel. There is also a new "Phot Frame" button to view images of the system's hard drive or memory card to the monitor, as a digital photo frame. Packard Bell also has a "My Backup" button, which the end user to quickly back up their data on an external storage device.

Packard Bell also has a number of other options, including a number of accompanying program that Norton Internet Security, the full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, Nero 8 Essentials and Microsoft Works 9. What is the price and availability, Packard Bell announced that ixtreme would be available in July starting at € 599 and run on Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition.

Datawind PocketSurfer3 revealed

Written by IT News on 5:31 AM

Wind Data, a company specializing in providing end users with wireless Internet access and services, recently announced the introduction of the new PocketSurfer3 and PocketSurfer3 Lite, the third generation products are designed to give them support for easy connection to the Internet. Both products are displayed with a Linux operating system and 30 hours each month to the Internet for users in the UK.

With a small, 5-inch screen with 640 x 240-pixel resolution, the new PocketSurfer3 Data from wind will significantly so that end-users to connect and surf the Internet via a GPRS connection. What are the technical specifications, the two displayed PocketSurfer3 entities with a GPS and a new Linux-based operating system that provides basic office and PIM (Personal Information Management) application support. There is also an improved touchpad and LCD, compared with the second generation of Pocket Surfer, which will improve Internet navigation.

Unfortunately, the devices have some problems with streaming video, such as YouTube, which means that users are left with a few basic Internet websites. We have no information on differences between PocketSurfer3 and "light" version, but more details should surface later.

Trying to sweeten the offer, Data Wind related plan covers the cost of £ 0.05 ($ 0.08) per minute in Europe and U.S. roaming on GPRS connection. Users may also choose to upgrade to unlimited mobile access to both £ 5.99 ($ 9.75) per month or a lump sum of £ 59.99 ($ 98). Later, after a year for mobile data access costs £ 29.99 ($ 49) for the other twelve months.

As prices and availability are the two PocketSurfer3 units expected to be available next month, with prices from £ 199.99 to £ 159.99 and PocketSurfer3 for PocketSurfer3 Lite.

ASUS updates several of its laptops

Written by IT News on 4:28 AM

ASUS has just completed a series of updates of the product is part of some of its notebook series, which users with a choice of 15.6-inches and larger 17.3-inch displays, as well as Intel and AMD processing units. The new updates are part of the company U, K and F series, with different patterns and constructed to meet the requirements of the different types of customers, from businessmen entertainment lovers.

With its new U50VG-XX060C laptop, ASUS provides its customers with a 15.6-inch system, powered by Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 processor, the clock at 2.1GHz. The model is also equipped with 4 GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card with 105 G 512 MB memory, a 250GB hard drive and a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Additional features include a 1.3MP webcam, WiFi b / g / n connectivity, and a backlit chiclete-style keyboard. All this in a laptop set up in Italy for € 943.20 including VAT ($ 1,320).

As part of the K50 series, ASUS also introduced the AMD-K50B-and Intel-based K50IJ. Both systems are equipped with 4 GB of RAM, but with different CPU / GPU specifications. Even K50B powered by an AMD Turion 64 X2 Ultra ZM-84 2.3 GHz processor and 512 MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 GPU, the K50IJ have an Intel Pentium Dual-Core T4200 2 GHz processor and Intel GMA X4500HD integrated graphics card.

ASUS also introduced a new 15.6-inch model, F52Q-SX071E with a Pentium Dual-Core processor (2 GHz T3200), 2GB RAM and GL40 chipset. The system can be equipped with both Windows Vista and Windows XP via a downgrading program. Price only € 643.20 ($ 898), the system is designed for business users.

Switch things up, ASUS announced two new 17.3-inch models powered by AMD Turion processors and ATI Mobility graphics. The first, K70AB-TY002C, characteristics of the Turion 64 X2 RM 74 2.2GHz processor, while others, K70AB-TY001C is a Turion 64 X2 Ultra ZM-84 runs at 2.3 GHz. Both have 4GB RAM and ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 with 512 MB memory. Rates from €793.20 ($ 1,107) and € 868.80 ($ 1,215), respectively.

Google and Intel collaborate on Chrome OS platform

Written by IT News on 4:24 AM

Recent messages on the Internet said that Intel partner with Google on the development of the recently announced Chrome OS, an open-source operating system is to make the computer salesman with a choice for its future netbooks. Although Intel was not among the partner companies recently confirmed by Google, chip maker claimed that it has worked with Mountain View, California-based search giant on its upcoming operating system. Moreover, it seems that cooperation between the two leaders in their respective fields including Google's android operating system for Intel's upcoming MID platform.

In a recent news article on TG Daily, Intel said would have confirmed the partnership with Google, stating that they find the Giant's move. "We know the project for some time and we have worked with Google on a number of projects, including here. We are pleased with Google's move here," an Intel rep told TG Daily. Cooperation between the two can play a response from Microsoft, which actively cooperates with Intel during the entire existence. This can only fuel earlier rumors that the software giant is preparing a system that could support the ARM micro-architecture.

In addition to the Chrome OS project, Intel and Google co-operation extended to other products of two companies, namely the former future mobile Internet device (MID) platform, android OS. In a recent news article on Digi Times sources at Taiwan-based MID makers, Intel, the hardware platforms are supported in a variety of operating systems, the allocation of next-generation Moorestown platform greater chance of success.

Google Chrome and android OS has benefited from the major media exposure, with some reports claiming that it can provide tools for a change in the industry for computers and mobile devices.

ARM announces that MediaTek lincensed its Mali-400 GPU

Written by IT News on 11:07 PM

ARM and media Inc. today announced the licensing of the ARM Mali-400 MP multi-core processor graphics processor (GPU) for audiovisual system-on-chip (SoC) technology. Audiovisual Inc, as many of you may already know, fables is a leading global semiconductor company focused on wireless communications and digital multimedia applications. The company is known for advanced SoC system solutions for DVD and Blu-ray and HD-TV.

The licensing of the ARM Mali-400 MP GPU Mediatheque will offer the opportunity to boast high-performance graphics and is doing, while giving a low energy consumption. At the same time, Mali-400 MP technology also comes with scalability allows Mediatheque to reach the market with a range of graphic solutions. "We have chosen to license the ARM Mali technology for scalability and performance references. It is important that we can increase the flexibility of our product portfolio," Audiovisual out.

ARM graphics IP solutions are widely used in industry, and the company has 29 licensees, 21 of which are licensees of Mali GPUs. In Mali range includes solutions that range from Mali-55 GPU with Mali-400 MP GPU, the necessary solutions for embedded graphics with a wide range of support performance points. In Mali GPU family also makes ARM that as a supplier of a complete range of graphics hardware and software IPs.

This is not the first time Mediatheque Licenses ARM CPU, and the previous cooperation between the two companies, together with Mali-400 MP GPU to ARM is the best choice in terms of power-efficient, easily configured CPU and graphic solutions that they can make on the market. The fact is that ARM contact has more than 600 partners, including partners leading silicon device manufacturers and content providers. All parties in the community to develop mobile phones and consumer products are based on Mali GPUs.

"Mediatheque has a great record of implementation and success in the mobile and digital home market and we are happy to cooperate to provide the best imaging technology to meet customers' requirements," Lance Howarth, general director, ARM Media Processing Division said. "The scalability of the hardware architecture in Mali allows its use in a wide range of consumer Mediatheque SoC products."

Newly launched Openwave Guardian is aimed at offering a safer mobile Internet experience

Written by IT News on 10:59 PM

Open Systems Wave Inc., one of most well-known software developer that produces tailor-made services that combine mobile and wide experience, has just released Openwave Guardian and its latest service enabler for the Openwave Integra a further generation platform for mobile web management service.

The new service offers mobile operators the possibility that their network against threats such as viruses or malicious attacks and their customers to protect against inappropriate content. Specifically, using different methods to remove unwanted content, mobile operators can offer a higher quality Mobile Internet, which is often expected by their users but can still run the applications and services they prefer.

"As more subscribers through their mobile device to access the content, operators are under greater pressure than ever before to protect their network, and subscribers, believes Dan Nguyen; Vice President, Product Management, Openwave. Openwave Guardian has an extensive collection of security to meet an actor unique needs of businesses in efforts to ensure that the subscriber feel secure when you surf the Internet, open up the contents of their mobile device."

Although Openwave Guardian is just one of several services offered by company for its integration of Mobile Internet Service Platform. Due to the Integra-plugin framework Guardian will be able to protect all data traffic via the platform. In addition, the new service architecture enables the easy new applications for new threats appear. Even Integra's innovative due to the workflow engine, mobile operators, will be able to control when and how functions Guardian used.

Another feature offered by Openwave Guardian is to restrict content access based on URL category, ie a mobile phone to access the content of certain classes, such as a prohibition of sexual content to minors, even if a search (by activating the "Safe Search "function). In addition, Openwave Guardian supports antivirus protection by tapping specific transaction request and response paths, depending on URL or content type and then analyzed to identify a possible virus.

Computer trojans advertised as Microsoft security updates

Written by IT News on 10:40 PM

Security of CA and Sophos warns of two malware distribution campaigns trying to drive Trojans as Microsoft security updates. It argues that Conficker remove a program while other masquerades as an update for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

"Researchers at Microsoft have worked closely with Symantec, the makers of Norton Antivirus and a tool to remove conflicker [sic.] Virus" the malicious e-mails intercepted by the CA to read. "You must be advised to immediately download and run the tool to remove the link below to ensure that you are not infected [...]," they will prevail.

Download link starts with, but actually one. The “dot Ru” domain names. "The e-mail from Microsoft [dot] ssl [dot] com whose IP address is IP address from a server in Texas and is a Microsoft server, Rossano Ferraris, research engineer at CA Internet Security Business Unit, notes.

Please visit the link are prompted to download a file named remtool_conf.exe the implementation of which, according to a EULA Symantec offers to start scanning the computer. Instead of carrying out a malware scan, the application contacts another host where it downloads winupdate.exe identified by CA as Delphi project CX. The counterfeit removal tool is detected as Fake Scan A.

"Although there is a reduction in the number of fake Microsoft Update e-mail, the fake e-mails that are more sophisticated and uses a very high profile social engineering techniques to attract and trap people," Mr. Ferraris meters warns.

Meanwhile, Julie Yeats, malware analysts, your antivirus vendor Sophos, describes a similar issue campaign aimed at users of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express mail clients. "Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express. The update is critical and offers the latest version of Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express and provides maximum stability and security," the statement read.

Supporting officexp-KB910721-fullfile-enu.exe is an installer for Trojan / Spy-CU. "It seems reasonable, spelling and grammar is surprisingly accurate, the malware authors, but as always, must always be careful when it comes to e-mail attachments," Ms. Yeats warns. Windows users are recommended to download security patches through Automatic Updates or download from Microsoft's website directly.

Intel's 32nm Sandy Bridge

Written by IT News on 5:48 PM

Some details about Intel's upcoming 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture has its origin in the wild today, shows that A0 staircase reached the final phase of product development in the 23 th week of this year. According to the news, the new processor will be available on the market sometime during 2011, probably in the first quarter of this year, while sporting a quad-core design.

The quad-core Sandy Bridge chip is expected to be ordinary silicon, but also sports 256KB L2 cache. The core of the processor clock is estimated to be tuned to a frequency of 2.8 GHz to 3.4GHz range, although the Turbo mode, probably one of the cores to values in the 3.8GHz to 4GHz range.

Another important detail about Intel's Sandy Bridge is that the processor will be on the market, packing farms a 32nm integrated graphics core running at 1.0GHz to 1.4GHz, which should be connected to the chip in the L3 cache. Moreover, silicon is also sports integrated dual-channel DDR3-1600 memory controller, and Sandy Bridge System Agent (North), which provides PCIe 2.0, DMI and PCU.

Other features of the quad-core Sandy Bridge chips containing Hyper Treating ding, Ext AVX instruction set, 256-bit vectors, 4 operands, AX instructions unlimited VMX and 8 MB shared L3 cache, not to mention the fact that the integrated graphics chip is reported to rival less powerful video card from ATI or NVIDIA, but perhaps just rumors in the end.

Intel's Sandy Bridge is reported to come with a TDP of 85W, while measuring 225mm ², each core measuring approximately 20mm ². Although no data are available at the moment, Guru3d also the forthcoming dual-core and eight-core Sandy Bridge chips. Simultaneously, the news on the way to the presence of Socket 1156 by Dale Clark (West Mere generation) and shows that the IGP is based on GMA and Larabee.

MSI X-Slim X400

Written by IT News on 9:12 AM

MSI X-Slim X400
Micro-Star International announced today the introduction of a new ultra-slim notebook in its range, X-Slim X400. The new mobile PS, based on Intel's new ultra-low-voltage Culver platform the company says, is just one inch thick and weighs only 1.5kg when the battery is included. Moreover, it seems that the new machine can produce a little noise and heat during use and allow customers to use it for long periods. In addition, the X400 comes with attractive lines and personal color bezel that a modern laptop.

The specification for the new MSI-X-Slim X400 shows Ultra Low Voltage (Ulv) Intel processors, Intel GS45 + ICH9M-SFF chipset and a 14-inch TFT LCD screen that provides a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and a 16: 9 aspect ratio. VGA controller in the laptop is GMA 4500MHD and users will also benefit from up to 4 GB DDR2 800 MHz memory (2x2GB).

Other features of the mobile computer to a 1.3M Webcam, GB LAN 10/100/1000, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, 2-in-1 card reader (supports SD / MMC), HDMI, 2 USB 2.0 ports, RJ45, D-Sub and 320/500 GB SATA 2.5 "hard drive, external DVD Super Multi / Blu-Ray (optional), 40W AC adapter, a 87-key keypad, and Genuine Windows Vista Premium pre-installed on the device.

The computer maker seems to have devoted much attention to the external design of the new X-Slim X400. The laptop comes to market with a minimalist style, with improved urban corner, not to mention the special glossy sports. Because of the thickness and the fact that it weighs only 1.5kg of battery includes the new X400 lap on the lightest and thinnest 14 "notebook available around the world at the time, MSI claims.

X-Slim X400 can be configured with four or eight batteries and can provide up to nine hours of operating time. The computer maker also says she has her own ECO Engine with notebook so the settings automatically to offer both performance and battery saving settings. This feature provides greater mobility and productivity to the consumer through MSI's new X-Slim X400.

AMD launches new quad-core Opteron processor codenamed 'Suzuka'

Written by IT News on 9:09 AM

quad-core Opteron processorAdvanced Micro Devices came on the market with a new line of Opteron chips, soon after the release of the six-core Opteron processor code-named "Istanbul". The new silicon solution, John Fruehe, Director of Business Development for Server / Workstation products at AMD, says falls under the code name "Suzuka" and hits the market as a quad-core processor designed for single-socket system.

Suzuka does not seem to come on stage as a beautiful product, but it is intended to satisfy the needs of cost-effective SME market. The latest AMD Opteron 1000 Series processor, Fruehe says is not to provide scalability, but the program that suits cost and power-awareness, such as web servers, small servers and workstations.

The new chip with a speed of 2.5 GHz (Opteron 1381), 2.7GHz (Opteron 1385) and 2.9GHz (Opteron 1389) has been developed in the same way as the company "Shanghai" CPU, a quad-core Opteron processor. Suzuka, made during the 45-nm SOI technology, comes with x86-64 processor cores on a monolithic die, and features 512 KB of L2 cache per core, in combination with a shared 6 MB L3 cache.

The new processors will use the AM3 socket and not the 1207-pin Socket F, while offering compatibility with existing AM2 + mobs (can be easily used on motherboards that work with Budapest quad-core chip - the only contact version of Barcelona). The new solutions feature system bus speeds of 2200 MT / s (Hyper Transport bus speed of 1100 MHz), while sporting a rated TDP of around 115 W.

According to John Fruehe, performance increases when moving from a quad-core "Budapest" chip to the new "Suzuka is not the most impressive part of the process is the fact that energy is substantially reduced with the new processor. As for the price of the new chips to the market with the Opteron 1381 costs U.S. $189, Opteron 1385 goes for $229, while the Opteron in 1389 a price of $269.

ARCHOS 9 PCtablet

Written by IT News on 8:52 AM

ARCHOS 9 PCtabletArchos has unveiled its next-generation Tablet PC between tablets netbooks, the manufacturer claims. In this context, the total removal of the keyboard in ARCHOS 9 PCtablet promoted as an innovative move, because the company has collected the views of traditional models completely. Exclusion of tactile interfaces, ARCHOS 9 PCtablet will marry the next iteration of the Windows client, planned for general availability on October 22, 2009. The tablet will be offered initially with Windows Vista in September 2009 and only With Windows 7.

Personally, I am not sure that a keyboard smaller netbook is the way to go. Sure, the unit does sport a touch-sensitive 9 "screen, but will not compensate for deficiencies in relation to the missing keyboard. In the world of computers, Tablet PCs and netbooks serve different purposes. Internet communications service resources is an important aspect of functionality netbooks - communication that is largely related to social networks, instant messaging, e-mail, all activities where a full keyboard is a godsend.

The ARCHOS 9 PCtablet has built a virtual keyboard, but will occupy valuable real estate on the screen space. At 9 inches, the touch screen just can not be the virtual keyboard, a couple IM windows and the user's fingers. At the same time, the benefits associated with natural user interface may be sufficient to fill the gaps meaningless.

"On 9 ARCHOS features of the new Z515 Intel processor, Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and an integrated multimedia platform that uses Wi-Fi 802.11b / g and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity for high-speed computers everywhere and always. Additional software includes Microsoft Office Web TV & Radio, video, antivirus, parental control, pictures and movies edition applications and much more. PCtablet the ARCHOS 9 will be available in autumn, 2009, "showed ARCHOS.

New LaVie Light LUI netbook from NEC

Written by IT News on 8:29 AM

NEC looks to further expand its range of ultra portable netbooks Lavia Light with the introduction of an Intel Atom-based model with a 10-inch display. The new system, called Lavia Light Lui recently tipped by the Tokyo company and is another netbook with a standard list of technical specifications similar to most competing systems currently on the market. The expected sales in Japan, the new netbook look at a number of benefits touted by an 8.5 hour battery life.

Even if it comes at a time when the netbook market is already overcrowded, the Lavia Light Lui looks to compete with all the Atom-based systems in the present situation. Packing group an Intel Atom N280 processor clock at 1.66GHz with 1GB of RAM, the 10.1-inch solution has the same technical specifications as the newest netbooks on Intel Atom platform. Moreover, the system is shown with 1 GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and less estimated integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics chip.

For connectivity, the netbook offers pretty much what to expect from a computer in its category, a 10/100 Ethernet LAN port, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1, an SD memory card reader and a 1.3MP webcam. Boasting Microsoft's successful and well-known Windows XP SP3, the new model is said to provide users with a battery life of 8.5 hours, which is quite impressive, even for a netbook.

A weight of only 1.32kg, the new NEC solution is expected to be available in Japan next week, July 9. Unfortunately we have no information on netbook pricing and this will be made available in some other parts of the world.

Mushkin launches new series of GT200-based graphics cards

Written by IT News on 8:23 AM

GT200-based graphics cardsRecent buzz on the Internet said that Mushkin is about to release memory vendor for an entirely new line of NVIDIA GeForce-based graphics cards, which ends with yet another alternative to the narrow market GeForce graphics cards. All new models will be based on the latest NVIDIA GT200 GPU architecture and will be available in both standard and custom form factors, with increased clock speeds and memory capacity.

According to a recent news article on hothardware, Mushkin has announced its entry into the graphics card market with the launch of a complete set of GT200-based graphics cards. The new line will be part of the company ultimateFX family graphics processing units, which apparently consists of GeForce-based solutions.

As part of the new series, Mushkin has debuted some new products, namely ultimateFX GeForce GTX260, GTX260 (1792MB), OC GTX260, GTX260 OC2, GTX275, GTX275 OC, GTX275 OC2, GTX285 and GTX285 (2048MB). As you can see there are a number of new models waiting to be useful in high-end desktop PC.

Although we have no specific details on the technical performance of these cards, it seems that Mushkin will try to distinguish themselves from the pack by offering their new cards in a specially designed packaging. According to the above article of the new maps are provided in special wooden boxes which the company has brands such as "WoodBox." This will certainly be a computer user a feeling of individuality and cards with an elegant package.

Unfortunately, there is no word on the pricing of one of these cards, but we expect that they are priced a bit longer than its competitors, particularly in view of their unique package. What is the availability of these solutions must be sufficiently fast.

New HP workstations make full use of AMD six-core Opteron processors

Written by IT News on 8:15 AM

AMD six-core Opteron processorsEarlier this month, Advanced Micro Devices officially wrap her highly anticipated, next-generation six-core Opteron 2400-series processors, code-named Istanbul. Designed for better performance and energy efficiency, new Opteron was in a couple of new technologies such as enterprise users to their current Opteron-based servers to the latest solutions from AMD. In this respect, Palo Alto, California-based Hewlett-Packard has just introduced the the launch of its new xw9400 workstation professional, designed said processors, the first PC vendor for the coordination of six-core Opteron in a line of professional workstations.

HP understands the enormous pressure of their customers is to provide more return on investment in a shorter period," says Jeff Wood, director, Worldwide Marketing, Workstations, HP. "By providing the most extreme combination of technologies - to 12 grains of a workstation - HP continues its commitment to customers leading technology.

The new high-performance workstations from HP are designed for up to 2 Opteron 2400-series processors, which for a total of 12 business units, each of them said to deliver 34 percent more performance per watt than previous generation quad-core chips. Thanks to the unique features based on AMD's latest server processors, customers will benefit from the increased prices for interconnection 4.8GT / s, an increase of 2GTs.

In addition, this new workstation is shown with ATI FirePro V7750 graphics processing unit for workstations and is equipped with 80 plus power supplies. The new HP xw9400 workstation is registered as an Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold product, according to HP.

What is the pricing, the system is available via the website of the company to users in the U.S., starting with a price tag of U.S. $1899.

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