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Intel's 32nm Sandy Bridge

Written by IT News on 5:48 PM

Some details about Intel's upcoming 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture has its origin in the wild today, shows that A0 staircase reached the final phase of product development in the 23 th week of this year. According to the news, the new processor will be available on the market sometime during 2011, probably in the first quarter of this year, while sporting a quad-core design.

The quad-core Sandy Bridge chip is expected to be ordinary silicon, but also sports 256KB L2 cache. The core of the processor clock is estimated to be tuned to a frequency of 2.8 GHz to 3.4GHz range, although the Turbo mode, probably one of the cores to values in the 3.8GHz to 4GHz range.

Another important detail about Intel's Sandy Bridge is that the processor will be on the market, packing farms a 32nm integrated graphics core running at 1.0GHz to 1.4GHz, which should be connected to the chip in the L3 cache. Moreover, silicon is also sports integrated dual-channel DDR3-1600 memory controller, and Sandy Bridge System Agent (North), which provides PCIe 2.0, DMI and PCU.

Other features of the quad-core Sandy Bridge chips containing Hyper Treating ding, Ext AVX instruction set, 256-bit vectors, 4 operands, AX instructions unlimited VMX and 8 MB shared L3 cache, not to mention the fact that the integrated graphics chip is reported to rival less powerful video card from ATI or NVIDIA, but perhaps just rumors in the end.

Intel's Sandy Bridge is reported to come with a TDP of 85W, while measuring 225mm ², each core measuring approximately 20mm ². Although no data are available at the moment, Guru3d also the forthcoming dual-core and eight-core Sandy Bridge chips. Simultaneously, the news on the way to the presence of Socket 1156 by Dale Clark (West Mere generation) and shows that the IGP is based on GMA and Larabee.

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