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Datawind PocketSurfer3 revealed

Written by IT News on 5:31 AM

Wind Data, a company specializing in providing end users with wireless Internet access and services, recently announced the introduction of the new PocketSurfer3 and PocketSurfer3 Lite, the third generation products are designed to give them support for easy connection to the Internet. Both products are displayed with a Linux operating system and 30 hours each month to the Internet for users in the UK.

With a small, 5-inch screen with 640 x 240-pixel resolution, the new PocketSurfer3 Data from wind will significantly so that end-users to connect and surf the Internet via a GPRS connection. What are the technical specifications, the two displayed PocketSurfer3 entities with a GPS and a new Linux-based operating system that provides basic office and PIM (Personal Information Management) application support. There is also an improved touchpad and LCD, compared with the second generation of Pocket Surfer, which will improve Internet navigation.

Unfortunately, the devices have some problems with streaming video, such as YouTube, which means that users are left with a few basic Internet websites. We have no information on differences between PocketSurfer3 and "light" version, but more details should surface later.

Trying to sweeten the offer, Data Wind related plan covers the cost of £ 0.05 ($ 0.08) per minute in Europe and U.S. roaming on GPRS connection. Users may also choose to upgrade to unlimited mobile access to both £ 5.99 ($ 9.75) per month or a lump sum of £ 59.99 ($ 98). Later, after a year for mobile data access costs £ 29.99 ($ 49) for the other twelve months.

As prices and availability are the two PocketSurfer3 units expected to be available next month, with prices from £ 199.99 to £ 159.99 and PocketSurfer3 for PocketSurfer3 Lite.

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