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AMD launches new quad-core Opteron processor codenamed 'Suzuka'

Written by IT News on 9:09 AM

quad-core Opteron processorAdvanced Micro Devices came on the market with a new line of Opteron chips, soon after the release of the six-core Opteron processor code-named "Istanbul". The new silicon solution, John Fruehe, Director of Business Development for Server / Workstation products at AMD, says falls under the code name "Suzuka" and hits the market as a quad-core processor designed for single-socket system.

Suzuka does not seem to come on stage as a beautiful product, but it is intended to satisfy the needs of cost-effective SME market. The latest AMD Opteron 1000 Series processor, Fruehe says is not to provide scalability, but the program that suits cost and power-awareness, such as web servers, small servers and workstations.

The new chip with a speed of 2.5 GHz (Opteron 1381), 2.7GHz (Opteron 1385) and 2.9GHz (Opteron 1389) has been developed in the same way as the company "Shanghai" CPU, a quad-core Opteron processor. Suzuka, made during the 45-nm SOI technology, comes with x86-64 processor cores on a monolithic die, and features 512 KB of L2 cache per core, in combination with a shared 6 MB L3 cache.

The new processors will use the AM3 socket and not the 1207-pin Socket F, while offering compatibility with existing AM2 + mobs (can be easily used on motherboards that work with Budapest quad-core chip - the only contact version of Barcelona). The new solutions feature system bus speeds of 2200 MT / s (Hyper Transport bus speed of 1100 MHz), while sporting a rated TDP of around 115 W.

According to John Fruehe, performance increases when moving from a quad-core "Budapest" chip to the new "Suzuka is not the most impressive part of the process is the fact that energy is substantially reduced with the new processor. As for the price of the new chips to the market with the Opteron 1381 costs U.S. $189, Opteron 1385 goes for $229, while the Opteron in 1389 a price of $269.

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