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Newly launched Openwave Guardian is aimed at offering a safer mobile Internet experience

Written by IT News on 10:59 PM

Open Systems Wave Inc., one of most well-known software developer that produces tailor-made services that combine mobile and wide experience, has just released Openwave Guardian and its latest service enabler for the Openwave Integra a further generation platform for mobile web management service.

The new service offers mobile operators the possibility that their network against threats such as viruses or malicious attacks and their customers to protect against inappropriate content. Specifically, using different methods to remove unwanted content, mobile operators can offer a higher quality Mobile Internet, which is often expected by their users but can still run the applications and services they prefer.

"As more subscribers through their mobile device to access the content, operators are under greater pressure than ever before to protect their network, and subscribers, believes Dan Nguyen; Vice President, Product Management, Openwave. Openwave Guardian has an extensive collection of security to meet an actor unique needs of businesses in efforts to ensure that the subscriber feel secure when you surf the Internet, open up the contents of their mobile device."

Although Openwave Guardian is just one of several services offered by company for its integration of Mobile Internet Service Platform. Due to the Integra-plugin framework Guardian will be able to protect all data traffic via the platform. In addition, the new service architecture enables the easy new applications for new threats appear. Even Integra's innovative due to the workflow engine, mobile operators, will be able to control when and how functions Guardian used.

Another feature offered by Openwave Guardian is to restrict content access based on URL category, ie a mobile phone to access the content of certain classes, such as a prohibition of sexual content to minors, even if a search (by activating the "Safe Search "function). In addition, Openwave Guardian supports antivirus protection by tapping specific transaction request and response paths, depending on URL or content type and then analyzed to identify a possible virus.

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