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AMD intros five new energy-efficient Opteron processors

Written by IT News on 1:18 AM

Advanced Micro Devices has just announced a new processor, its latest range of six-core Opteron chip, previously codenamed Istanbul. These new models are designed for customers with a choice of a high-performance processor which also improve the energy efficiency of their high-end systems. There are five new models in AMD's 6-core arrangement, with three focusing on 2P servers, while the other two are for 4P/8P servers.

"Since our initial introduction of multi-core processors for the server market, AMD is the mission to help IT managers reduce datacenter energy costs, but that performance," said Patrick Patla, Vice President and General Manager, Server Business, AMD. "This new lower current Six-Core AMD Opteron processors feature the highest performance per watt that we are on the market and contribute to the implementation of power while the changing landscape of clouds and Web contemporary data. And six cores of compute power and Direct Connect Architecture, these processors do not compromise the results. "

AMD's new range includes the Opteron 2439 SE, a 2.8 GHz processor comes with a TDP of 105 watts, the 2425 HE, clock at 2.1GHz and a TDP of 55 watts, and 2423 HE, with a frequency of 2, 0 GHz and 55 watts, all designed for 2P servers. 4P/8P In addition to servers, AMD also announced the availability of the two models, Opteron 8425 HE, clock at 2.1GHz and 55 watts TDP, and the new flagship, the Opteron 8439 SE, the clock at 2.8 GHz and TDP of 105 watts.

What is the price, the new chip will be available for prices between U.S. $ 455 for the Opteron 2423 HE U.S. $ 2649 for the new flagship, the Opteron 8439 SE. According to AMD, the new 6-core processors SE contribute about 50% performance improvement compared to its quad-core SE models.

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