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Google works on an offline Gmail application for Webkit browser

Written by IT News on 3:05 AM

Google Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra were present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and came to the forefront to show a new "concept of Technology" to ensure that the products have a WebKit browser to use Gmail offline. Devices that can support the technology include the iPhone, HTC Magic (aka G2) and the next Palm Pre laptop.

The demonstration at mobile displays performed on iPhone, but the S60 browser, and other similar programs could support this system. For now, Google is still the notion in their laboratories, but it should be an interesting issue for the issue of Nokia ovi Mail.

It seems that the new application based on the HTML5 standard security measures AppCache and databases, which means that developers will be able to code a program that can only be run on multiple platforms, but also sports the same graphical user interface on all operating systems.

An interesting feature of the new program is that you bind data to the browser user-mail, e-mail inquiries that are not developed for the S60, WebOS or android phones. While it seems that it will be offline access using POP3 or IMAP, even in those applications.

Browser Google Gears has been enabled features for desktop users, and can experience off-line, access to Gmail, which means that new functionality for mobile devices is scheduled for next year. How many of you may already know, Opera has also announced that Google Gears will be integrated into your mobile web browser allows users to work offline and then synchronize with the server.

For now, Google has not announced a release date for its implementation. The demo video below gives you a taste of how it works.

Ceilo Redfly to support Opera Mobile 9.5 beta

Written by IT News on 6:57 PM

Those of you who had hoped that Ceili Redfly mobile companion would be compatible with Opera Mobile 9.5 beta browser now a cause for rejoicing. It seems that Celio has released a new build of the driver that may allow the device to support Opera 9.5 beta release of the browser, which is already compatible with a wide range of mobile phones.

In addition to being compatible with the browser, the new drivers also offer a range of performance improvements and bug fixes, including performance and speed of USB accessories can be identified. Another thing that has improved is the elimination of certain causes that have affected the Bluetooth signal strength and leadership that the connection is interrupted.

The wires are saying that because of a few drops of a potential conflict between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the new driver and partially solve the problem. The REDFLY driver provided with basic supports for DirectDraw, so that applications using the interface to function properly. At the same time REDFLY.exe were re-weighed, and now presents itself as a service under the operating system, a move that aims to improve the stability of the device.

In addition to improvements made to build this driver, it seems that other improvements are also works for future updates. Among the things that the developers are currently working with can count on the support HTC TouchFLO interface, which can be turned programming if you have activated the phone.

Other things in the works include support for Sony XPERIA panels select the menu, which currently does not work when connected to REDFLY, where Sony XPERIA mailbox window, which currently does not show the number of calls, support for Samsung Themes 1 and 2. While it seems that today, Samsung and Samsung Widgets must be disabled in the menu Omnia, while demand for Dialer Omnia not correct when in portrait mode when connected to REDFLY.

Inno3D unleashes new Freezer X2 GTX 260 graphics card

Written by IT News on 9:48 PM

There are a number of NVIDIA board partners out there who can give fans GeForce graphics cards with a range of advanced short based on the latest NVIDIA GPUs. Inno3D is definitely one of the partners who can provide their customers with GeForce cards tailored to allow for higher performance. One of the latest products in the company is built using the GPU GT200-based GTX 260 graphics card, which was equipped with a new dual-fan, dual-slot cooling solution for GPU cooling and optimal performance.

Inno3D the new card has suggestively dubbed GeForce GTX 260 and comes with FreezerX2 give computer enthusiasts with new versions of NVIDIA offers mainstream. The card combines a 55nm-based GPU with a dual-slot, dual fan cooling to make it possible for users to benefit from a higher performance from a card that is among the best performing NVIDIA / value offerings.

The characteristics of the new X2 Freezer includes a cooling fan with dual 8 cm ball bearing PWM fan, which has a DHT (heat pipe direct touch) and the technology that delivers twice as efficient cooling. A triple heat-pipe design increases the cooling capacity of this card, providing users with more room for overclocking and performance.

Apart from the cooling solution used on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, the new card comes with a 55nm GT200b a 576MHz GPU clock, 216 processor cores, with a speed of 1242MHz and a total of 896MB of GDDR3 memory, the clock of 2000MHz. The card has a memory of 448-bit interface and offers support for NVIDIA technology known as SLI, PhysX and cuda. With dual DVI connection, the card is ready to enable user’s performance NVIDIA GeForce newer products.

Unfortunately, pricing and availability information on the card is still unavailable.

Hitachi GST to acquire Fabrik and expand external storage portfolio

Written by IT News on 9:47 PM

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has recently announced that it has agreed to acquire Factory Inc., a provider of personal and professional development. With the acquisition, Hitachi has significantly strengthened its position in the market for external storage solutions, as the leader of storage hours owns brands such as G-Tech and Simple Tech, previously owned by private held Factory, Inc.

"The acquisition Factory become the cornerstone for the next phase of our transformation. E" strategically expand our market presence, strengthen our product portfolio and increase our customer base, "said Steve Milligan, President of Hitachi GST." Factory is an important part of our strategy for growth and profit for the future and will enable us to provide a wide range of products in a wide range of end-user market segments."

Hitachi is one of the leading companies in the market for private storage may offer its users a wide range of 2.5 inches and 3.5 inch hard drive products. With the recent announcement of the Hitachi GST has strengthened its market position by exploiting the technologies and products developed by the Factory. Factory products now take advantage of Hitachi distribution channels and global reach, allowing user’s access to more high-quality storage products.

"Hitachi GST Manufacturer It provides its customers all the advantages that a vertically integrated company. We will achieve economies of scale, financial stability, along with a strong brand in the world and a space to accelerate economic growth," he said Mike Cordano, Fabrik CEO and co-founder. "We are pleased that Hitachi is based on our vision and allow end-users worldwide to enjoy the powerful storage solutions that are unsurpassed in performance, style, reliability and innovation."

Manufacturer's mark G-technology, Mac users that provides a choice for an external storage solution for the premium, and Simple Tech, a line of PC-based external storage and backup solutions have been integrated and Hitachi GST is the conclusion of its portfolio products.

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK

Written by IT News on 8:30 PM

A new step for Adobe is designed to make PDF documents good games with mobile devices. In this respect, the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Adobe has introduced Adobe Reader Mobile SDK, promising an evolved experience in terms of the way in which mobile devices to download, manage and view PDF content. The Software Development Kit offered to manufacturers of mobile phones and handheld devices and not only provides support for reflowable PDF, Adobe, but also for content protection technologies and the Epub format based on XML files.

"With Adobe Reader Mobile SDK, Adobe is expanding the reach of PDF content, making it easier for mobile users to work with digital publications on the go," said Kevin M. Lynch, Vice President and General Manager for the product to Adobe Acrobat. "Consumers are demanding content as watching a large screen size and small publishers to have a visual experience that enhances their brand and, if necessary, to protect their content. This new software allows both engines on expectations."

Coincided with the availability of the SDK, Adobe has also announced that a number of companies already using the solution that provides both hardware and software products that embrace the new technology. Adobe mentioned Bookeen, IREX Technologies, Lexcycle, Plastic Logic, Polymer Vision Ltd., Spring & Design, among those who would adopt Adobe Reader Mobile SDK.

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK is positioned to bridge the publishers of digital content with potential customers using mobile devices. SDK will be digital publications to the next level, which makes the text to fit the size of the screen without getting hit.

"With support for PDF Epub reflowable and new format, we can provide digital experiences of reading for lovers of books," said Steve Haber, CEO, Digital Reading Business Division, and Sony Electronics. "The player comes with support for Adobe Reader Mobile SDK today and makes it possible for consumers to purchase e-books from several sources, including public libraries. Our goal is to foster an environment of content that enable our customers to optimize the use and enjoyment of their readers."

The free tool is a valuable way of getting back in control of your online behavior

Written by IT News on 6:45 PM

For those of you who warn about the time at work surfing the web sites YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, there may still be hope. Some guys have invented innovative KeepMeOut site, a very useful tool if you want to avoid unpleasant situations with the head in the future. Apparently, the site is free to use and can lead to benefits for those who cannot stop watching video or update profiles during working hours.

The use of the service is not very complicated and can easily be mastered in minutes. First you must access the website and enter the URL of the page you want to be kept out of the specially designed KeepMeOut. You can select the time interval from the form. This function determines if the site will warn you to go to the page you just enter the URL in the box more than once, for example, in 60 minutes.

If you feel that you belong to a particular site, such as YouTube, you can simply set the time of 2 hours or more. So if YouTube actually have more than once in 60 minutes, a warning message appears informing you of this. The next step is where you need to succeed in the difficult task to fool the user. When you click "Submit" button, a new URL will be generated on the website of the instrument. You should copy this link and bookmarks in your browser, and rename it to YouTube or Facebook or another site that you want to stay away from.

The part to change the name is important, so that you forget the fact that it is time KeepMeOut "on the wire" between your computer and the server of the destination site. The first time you use the bookmark, the difference will not be visible. But if you try to visit again a little faster than the time you have allocated in step 1 and then a warning message that tells you to try again after a certain time.

The good part of this site is that you can create as many bookmarks as possible. If you want to restrict your access to different places in terms of time, you are free to do so. However, if you want access to those you've blocked, you can always do it directly by typing the URL into the address box or by replacing KeepMeOut bookmarks with the real. As they say on the website yesterday, "Reclaim Your Life!"

Fujitsu LifeBook A1120 comes with customizable lid

Written by IT News on 4:41 PM

Fujitsu LifeBook A1120Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific today announced a new addition to its Lifebook range of portable computer systems with the introduction of the new Lifebook A1120, which was designed to allow users to change the color of the lid of the laptop with a resolution of the swap. In addition, the new A1120 society based on the previous generation Lifebook A1110 laptop, now offer a faster return and better configuration for greater processing power.

"Fujitsu is always to bring our products to the next level of technology and to provide the best results for our customers. We identify what is important to our customers and we expect our products. Our commitment to quality and reliability is relevant to the products offered over the years, "says Susanna Yong Poh Choo, Product Manager at Fujitsu.

The new Lifebook A1120 includes an Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor and can support up to 4 GB of memory. The system is based on an Intel GM45 Express chipset and offers a maximum storage capacity of up to 250 GB on a hard disk SATA 5400RM. The integrated Intel GMA X4500MHD food is Superfine 15.6-inch TFT widescreen 16:9 HD, which can provide their users with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

In addition to these technical specifications, the new Fujitsu Lifebook A1120 will allow users to use a different exterior design, which changes each time the lid of the notebook. Fujitsu will offer its users with several options for the external design of the lid, including models with pink butterflies, Loyal Royal Blue with Green Art models and models with Labyrinth.

Other feature of the new Lifebook A1120 includes an integrated 1.3 MP webcam and digital microphone. It also packs Bluetooth 2.1 and a DVD Dual Layer Super Multi Writer. Unfortunately, the company has yet to detail the prices and availability of its new laptop.

Photo of an alleged new Aspire One netbook

Written by IT News on 4:29 PM

Aspire One netbookIt seems that fans of the Aspire One Netbook should be looking for at least a model that is closest to expand the vendor's PC series 10-inch netbooks. Photos of the new system has already leaked on the Internet, which can only mean that Acer will soon be introducing the new laptop, Netbook further expand its portfolio. With the new model, it can seem that Acer is doing what ASUS has done with its Netbook layout, namely the launch of different versions of the same system that provides users with only a few differences in terms of technical specifications and design.

Currently, Acer is still far behind in terms of ASUS Netbook models launched on the market since the PC vendor has released two models, the Aspire One with a 8.9 inch screen and 10-inch version of the same model. However, according to images that blog macles, Acer plans to release another Netbook Aspire One, which has a different, more lightweight design, and it would become available with a storage solution SSD. Unfortunately there is no specific information on the technical design of the system, such as processor and memory.

VGA and RJ45 port on the new Netbook Aspire One indication that the company has constructed particular motherboard in the system so that it sounds thin format. The presence of Windows core implies that we will see the new Netbook with a Windows operating system, but a version based on Linux can also be part of the offer. There is also an SD card slot, three USB ports and a rather large touchpad interesting.

Put it all together and one can conclude that this will be the first high-end Acer Netbook model, which is likely to compete with ASUS 'S101 Netbook famous.

NVIDIA Ion platform to provide support for VIA nano CPUs

Written by IT News on 9:30 PM

With the launch of the platform Ion, NVIDIA has really succeeded once again to catch the attention of the world, since this product can provide the best experience for Netbook Atom-based systems. In this way, the chip maker has been given an understanding of most of the fans Netbook out there, but has probably closed the bad side of Intel, which should be the chip to be left out of a product that is based only on Intel technology. But NVIDIA motherboard GPU can help another chip maker, VIA Technologies, the market by storm take.

According to a recent article on news-DigiTimes, NVIDIA's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, confirmed that the company is currently working with VIA to provide support for Nano processor, with the new platform Ion 2nd apparently, even if it is still in its development, said platform can sometimes debut later this year, as an alternative to other low-cost PC powered by Atom processor. According to this article, Drew Henry, general manager for NVIDIA MCP companies have already confirmed that NVIDIA and VIA are considering a partnership that will provide users with a VIA-powered cheap computer.

The news is a bit "to be expected, since both companies have already demonstrated the ability to carry out a Nano-GeForce solution, last year at Computex. Back then a test platform happen in a Nano-powered and a discrete NVIDIA graphics card Gefors, used to operate well one of the most demanding graphics applications on the market game Crysis.

In related news, Drew Henry said that first ion-based PC product for the Intel Atom processor will be available for U.S. $ 299 and launched in June this year. As expected, the first product will be in the form of a nettop, but we have not yet found the name of the manufacturer of your PC.

Acer confident in its 10-inch Aspire One netbook

Written by IT News on 9:28 PM

Acer confident in its 10-inch Aspire One netbookAcer really proud of what has been published in the rapidly growing market for small size, low power and low cost PC market segments, such as 8.9-inch Netbook Aspire One managed to become one of the best sellers in the market. This has certainly led the company to continue its journey to become world leader in the Netbook seller of 2011, which is why I decided to expand the 10-inch version of this model Netbook,
announced in January 2009. Apparently the company is confident in the market potential of its new generation of Aspire One Netbook, as some of the latest statements by officials of the company.

More recently, the Acer Taiwan president operations said that the expected global shipments of netbooks to reach 25-30 million units this year, with an estimated 40 million units in the coming years. This would generate about 15 percent to 20 percent of total sales of the computer.

Unfortunately, although it started about a month ago, 10-inch Aspire One is not yet available for purchase. In this case, the company president, JT Wang, replied: "The reason for the delay of a month because we wanted to ensure that all components are arranged on top of this new model, the battery panel and processing units of computers."

Apparently, according to company chairman, 10-inch Aspire One uses an LCD panel that is "brighter and more saturated with" the one used by ASUS for their high-end, elegant S101 Netbook system. To put it simpler, the main reason for the delay of the new 10-inch Netbook Acer depends on its commitment to provide their customers a high quality product.

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE is probably the best Eee PC on the market

Written by IT News on 7:21 PM

It seems that ASUS has at least one model of the Eee PC, which can be a real competitor to the best in 2009 Netbook price. The company has recently released the Eee PC 1000HE, a 10-inch Netbook designed to benefit from the latest Netbook-focused Atom processor, the N280. Apparently, this model is true that the computer is really the seller's confidence, which he managed to land among the three most desired gadgets, with pre-orders to increase every day. Fortunately, some users will soon be able to get their hands on the new Eee PC model, as some dealers have already listed as the product is in stock.

Apparently, one of the biggest attractions in the new Eee PC Netbook 1000HE is to offer their users with not less than 9.5 hours of battery life, according to ASUS. But if you are not sure of the manufacturer, you should check the reviews out there, most of which are to praise Eee PC, as one of the best netbooks on the market today. In addition to the impressive battery life, there is another aspect that makes Eee PC is different from the crowd, which is relatively low price, under $ 400.

In essence, Eee PC 1000HE, which was built on the latest Intel processor N280, ASUS managed to ante its Eee PC line, after having issued a large number of Netbook models. It is too early to say whether this will be the Netbook this year, but how it is, ASUS could see an impressive market.

As a reminder, the Eee PC 1000HE has a 10-inch WSVGA LED backlit screen, 1GB of DDR2 memory, 160GB HDD, 802.11 b / g / n wireless, 1.3MP webcam, high definition codec, stereo speakers and a weight of 1.45kg.

Samsung GT-S1100 watch phone

Written by IT News on 4:55 PM

It seems that LG is not the only phone to work with the development of the watch-shaped phones. Another company that has plans in this area would be Samsung, caught on camera at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week with a beautiful wrist strap phone dubbed GT-S1100.

Unfortunately, the company has kept its new goodies sealed behind a glass display case MWC, so there is not much information available on the device, but it seems that sport is a full touch screen, Bluetooth and a speakerphone, as LG GD910 ago.

Samsung is known to have worked in about ten years for the development of mobile clock, and the new device looks like a trend noted over the years. Meanwhile, the new entry is dated 2009, and could see the new Samsung GT-S1100 mobile phone watch is launched in the near future.

For what it's worth, in addition to the specific we talked about before, has not disclosed any other details on the device, and not say anything about a possible date for the launch. This, of course, if you plan to actually sell the phone, because it is common to many prototypes like faded into the darkness, over the years, making the LG watch phone first commercially available device of this type.

Some of you may recall that LG presented its prototype mobile phone to watch about a year ago at CES 2008 and has just announced the production and release of the phone next year. Perhaps there is a strong possibility that the Korean handset manufacturers, Samsung, LG will follow procedure and that next year we will be able to see another similar device, are preparing for a run on the market.

Check the video below for a look at the Samsung GT-S1100 watch phone.

Hyundai MB-490i Dolphin

Written by IT News on 4:50 PM

Hyundai MB-490i DolphinOne of the newcomers in the mobile market is Hyundai, a company that came to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with a new device, dubbed Hyundai 490th MB-Dolphin. It is fairly easy to understand if the name on the phone to come, given the similarity between the design of the phone and the sea creature, and the specifications of the phone expected to be much more interesting.

Unfortunately, although the company would have to show "rich functionality of the device will enable the breeder to see some of the market itself, the new Hyundai 490th Dolphin MB phone comes with medium-fine features and fail to impress also.

But the design of the product is impressive, especially when looking at both sides and a look at the pictures below show why it is so unusual. The rounded forms of the new phone are made of blue and gray, the effect even more powerful and real.

On the other hand, the new Dolphin-MB Hyundai 490th has touch-screen display offers a 240 x 400 pixel resolution, and also sports a touch-sensitive navigation screen in the wheel. Other specifications of the device may include Stereo Bluetooth, and Yamaha speakers, and MP3 player, FM radio and a 3.2-megapixel snapper photo, but without flash.

The touchscreen is a nice feature for the newcomer, and the device also allows users to work through the navigation wheel, but the software keyboard does not seem too well-mounted, because it is rather small and quite difficult.

The new MB-Hyundai 490th Dolphin phone is expected to reach the market during periods in the month of May 2009, simultaneously with a retail price of $ 315 (250 Euros).

ASUS to unleash factory overclocked GeForce GTX 285

Written by IT News on 3:02 AM

GeForce GTX 285In recent weeks, a series of hardware that has been on the Internet, as we approach the debut of the CeBIT computer show, which will begin March 3 in Hanover, Germany. The latest product to join the group is a new GeForce graphics card, designed by ASUS, called ENGTX285 Ultimate. As the name would imply, the card offers its users with some performance tweaks, as it has a factory overclocked GPU. Although no official word on some of its manufacturers, the card is already leaked on the Internet and is listed on a place in the Australian retail.

With the new card, ASUS has decided to maintain the NVIDIA reference design, but the change of the card at levels giving users increased performance, right out of the box. In addition, you can reach virtually the same specifications as other 55nm-based GPU GeForce GTX 285 graphics cards, including NVIDIA technology already known, namely PhysX, cuda, support for DirectX 10 applications.

According to the specifications made available by a comparison of the prices of Australian products website shopbot have GeForce GTX 285 next Ultimate Edition graphics card boasts a frequency of 712MHz core, 1620MHz for shaders and 2760MHz for 1GB of GDDR3 memory with a 512-bit memory interface . This is a small increase in clocks, as compared to stocks of frequencies 648MHz, 1476MHz and 2484MHz respectively. Besides that the card is exactly what one would expect that, with a dual-slot cooling solution and a dual-DVI connectivity. For best results in high-end gaming platform, the GTX 285 also support for triple-SLI.

Nothing is important. on the official release, but which are listed on the site above shows, the card will be available for around AU $ 749, which is approximately U.S. $ 481.68. The card will probably be presented at CeBIT event in March.

Dell finally unveils the Inspiron Mini 10

Written by IT News on 1:56 AM

Dell finally unveils the Inspiron Mini 10Dell finally unveils the Inspiron Mini 10After a while, and facing a series of leaked information surfacing Internet, Round Rock, Texas-based Dell has finally decided to expand its range of small, low-power portable computer systems with the introduction of the Inspiron Mini 10. As one might have expected, the Mini 10 was intended as a 10-inch option for companies in the first scheme Netbook is Inspiron Mini 9, and the largest Inspiron Mini 12.
The system is very different from the first Netbook society model, why you should wait for some differences in performance.

New Netbook from Dell is built using Intel Poulsbo chipset, which essentially leads to a system that provides support for some new Atom processor (compared to the first Inspiron Mini), and a new integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, the GMA 500. The Atom Z530 (1.33GHz/553MHz FSB/512K L2 cache) and Z520 (1.6GHz/533MHz FSB/512K L2 Cache) is available as configuration options for the new Dell Netbook. In addition, users will be able to take advantage of 1GB of 533MHz DDR2 memory, a choice of a 120GB SATA HDD 5400RPM, or 160GB SATA 5200RPM HDD and Intel integrated graphics chip.

Dell finally unveils the Inspiron Mini 10Dell finally unveils the Inspiron Mini 10In addition, the glossy 10.1-inch display has a LED WSVGA resolution 1024x576 and an integrated 1.3MP webcamera. As you might expect, the Netbook give users a choice to 802.11 WiFi or WiFi 802.11 a / g / n Mini Card and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Focus on a starting weight 1.3KG (£2.86), when equipped with a 3-cell battery, the Netbook also an integrated 3-in-1 card reader, a Kensington lock and an HDMI connector.

Equipped with an operating system, Windows XP, Dell announced that the new 10-inch Netbook was available for the purchase of QVC, for a price of $559.00.

Windows Vista netbooks to allow easy upgrade to Windows 7

Written by IT News on 2:52 AM

In recent months there has been a series of articles written about the possibility of the benefits of Microsoft next 7 widows’ operating system on the new small, low power system called netbooks. It is expected that the next generation of Windows operating systems, so that a more stable performance and provides some new features compared to the current Windows Vista OS or Windows XP operating system that is characterized for most netbooks currently available on the market. In this note, the latest information on the availability of Windows 7, it seems that the Vista-powered netbooks allow users to take advantage of Microsoft Windows Vista to update the system 7.

According to an article on Tech ARP indicates Microsoft Windows Vista to Windows 7 schedule update users who have or acquire a computer powered by an operating system, Windows Vista will be able to take advantage of the upgrade. Obviously, this system has been used in the game so that people who are considering buying a new Windows-powered computer is not run until the next iteration of Microsoft operating system, officially.

It seems that the only editions of Windows Vista will be eligible for the program is: Windows Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. These three versions make it possible for users to take advantage of the upcoming Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate, respectively. There are requirements that must be met to qualify for the program. Users will "buy a new computer that is pre-installed with an eligible Windows Vista operating system (OS), during the eligibility window and have a valid Certificate of Authenticity (COA) attached."

It is still the official release date for the next operating system Windows 7, but according to the latest rumors have Redmond, Washington based software giant to release my new operating system from Christmas.

ASUS plans to reduce Eee family to lower cost, reduce consumer confusion

Written by IT News on 2:21 AM

ASUS EeeAccording to a recent, pioneering Netbook ASUS is expected to reduce the number of systems Netbook, the company's broad family of Eee PC. The Netbook maker, which issued more than 20 models, which are part of its Eee PC brand Netbook Line, said the move to allow companies to cut costs and reduce confusion among customers, which was fitted with a number of configuration options and patterns .

Asus' plan to release more models Netbook have any "counter-productive because it could not combat the competition, such as Acer, which last year released a single model Netbook very popular Aspire One. Therefore, ASUS has just announced that it carried 4,9 million Eee PC models last year, a figure likely to Acer, planned to six million units.

Acer debuted on the market within the Netbook ASUS, as in the first months of 2008 had an Eee PC netbooks sold. But the company seems to have adopted a marketing plan more profitable, through the issuance of a single 8.9-inch Netbook system called the Aspire One, which has been successfully applied in a large number of supporters Netbook. According to estimates, the Acer Netbook market topped in 2008 with its Netbook single model, the company expects to continue its market leadership in 2009.

ASUS has apparently learned from past experience that the company plans to reduce the number of models Netbook Eee PC came out this year in an attempt to reduce costs and enable users to benefit from a simpler offering Netbook. After the new strategy, ASUS expects to become more competitive in their attempts to THAN Netbook Acer in terms of sales.

It is expected that this year netbooks become more available, thanks to new technologies but also provide users with lots of new features.

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