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Windows Vista netbooks to allow easy upgrade to Windows 7

Written by IT News on 2:52 AM

In recent months there has been a series of articles written about the possibility of the benefits of Microsoft next 7 widows’ operating system on the new small, low power system called netbooks. It is expected that the next generation of Windows operating systems, so that a more stable performance and provides some new features compared to the current Windows Vista OS or Windows XP operating system that is characterized for most netbooks currently available on the market. In this note, the latest information on the availability of Windows 7, it seems that the Vista-powered netbooks allow users to take advantage of Microsoft Windows Vista to update the system 7.

According to an article on Tech ARP indicates Microsoft Windows Vista to Windows 7 schedule update users who have or acquire a computer powered by an operating system, Windows Vista will be able to take advantage of the upgrade. Obviously, this system has been used in the game so that people who are considering buying a new Windows-powered computer is not run until the next iteration of Microsoft operating system, officially.

It seems that the only editions of Windows Vista will be eligible for the program is: Windows Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. These three versions make it possible for users to take advantage of the upcoming Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate, respectively. There are requirements that must be met to qualify for the program. Users will "buy a new computer that is pre-installed with an eligible Windows Vista operating system (OS), during the eligibility window and have a valid Certificate of Authenticity (COA) attached."

It is still the official release date for the next operating system Windows 7, but according to the latest rumors have Redmond, Washington based software giant to release my new operating system from Christmas.

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