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Samsung GT-S1100 watch phone

Written by IT News on 4:55 PM

It seems that LG is not the only phone to work with the development of the watch-shaped phones. Another company that has plans in this area would be Samsung, caught on camera at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week with a beautiful wrist strap phone dubbed GT-S1100.

Unfortunately, the company has kept its new goodies sealed behind a glass display case MWC, so there is not much information available on the device, but it seems that sport is a full touch screen, Bluetooth and a speakerphone, as LG GD910 ago.

Samsung is known to have worked in about ten years for the development of mobile clock, and the new device looks like a trend noted over the years. Meanwhile, the new entry is dated 2009, and could see the new Samsung GT-S1100 mobile phone watch is launched in the near future.

For what it's worth, in addition to the specific we talked about before, has not disclosed any other details on the device, and not say anything about a possible date for the launch. This, of course, if you plan to actually sell the phone, because it is common to many prototypes like faded into the darkness, over the years, making the LG watch phone first commercially available device of this type.

Some of you may recall that LG presented its prototype mobile phone to watch about a year ago at CES 2008 and has just announced the production and release of the phone next year. Perhaps there is a strong possibility that the Korean handset manufacturers, Samsung, LG will follow procedure and that next year we will be able to see another similar device, are preparing for a run on the market.

Check the video below for a look at the Samsung GT-S1100 watch phone.

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