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Photo of an alleged new Aspire One netbook

Written by IT News on 4:29 PM

Aspire One netbookIt seems that fans of the Aspire One Netbook should be looking for at least a model that is closest to expand the vendor's PC series 10-inch netbooks. Photos of the new system has already leaked on the Internet, which can only mean that Acer will soon be introducing the new laptop, Netbook further expand its portfolio. With the new model, it can seem that Acer is doing what ASUS has done with its Netbook layout, namely the launch of different versions of the same system that provides users with only a few differences in terms of technical specifications and design.

Currently, Acer is still far behind in terms of ASUS Netbook models launched on the market since the PC vendor has released two models, the Aspire One with a 8.9 inch screen and 10-inch version of the same model. However, according to images that blog macles, Acer plans to release another Netbook Aspire One, which has a different, more lightweight design, and it would become available with a storage solution SSD. Unfortunately there is no specific information on the technical design of the system, such as processor and memory.

VGA and RJ45 port on the new Netbook Aspire One indication that the company has constructed particular motherboard in the system so that it sounds thin format. The presence of Windows core implies that we will see the new Netbook with a Windows operating system, but a version based on Linux can also be part of the offer. There is also an SD card slot, three USB ports and a rather large touchpad interesting.

Put it all together and one can conclude that this will be the first high-end Acer Netbook model, which is likely to compete with ASUS 'S101 Netbook famous.

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