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Adobe Reader Mobile SDK

Written by IT News on 8:30 PM

A new step for Adobe is designed to make PDF documents good games with mobile devices. In this respect, the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Adobe has introduced Adobe Reader Mobile SDK, promising an evolved experience in terms of the way in which mobile devices to download, manage and view PDF content. The Software Development Kit offered to manufacturers of mobile phones and handheld devices and not only provides support for reflowable PDF, Adobe, but also for content protection technologies and the Epub format based on XML files.

"With Adobe Reader Mobile SDK, Adobe is expanding the reach of PDF content, making it easier for mobile users to work with digital publications on the go," said Kevin M. Lynch, Vice President and General Manager for the product to Adobe Acrobat. "Consumers are demanding content as watching a large screen size and small publishers to have a visual experience that enhances their brand and, if necessary, to protect their content. This new software allows both engines on expectations."

Coincided with the availability of the SDK, Adobe has also announced that a number of companies already using the solution that provides both hardware and software products that embrace the new technology. Adobe mentioned Bookeen, IREX Technologies, Lexcycle, Plastic Logic, Polymer Vision Ltd., Spring & Design, among those who would adopt Adobe Reader Mobile SDK.

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK is positioned to bridge the publishers of digital content with potential customers using mobile devices. SDK will be digital publications to the next level, which makes the text to fit the size of the screen without getting hit.

"With support for PDF Epub reflowable and new format, we can provide digital experiences of reading for lovers of books," said Steve Haber, CEO, Digital Reading Business Division, and Sony Electronics. "The player comes with support for Adobe Reader Mobile SDK today and makes it possible for consumers to purchase e-books from several sources, including public libraries. Our goal is to foster an environment of content that enable our customers to optimize the use and enjoyment of their readers."

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