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MSI Radeon HD 4830 comes next week

Written by IT News on 7:45 PM

It seems that the only next week we will be able to get our hands on ATI's new graphics card, the Radeon HD 4830. According to the latest news on the Web, the card is almost complete and will be heading to the market shortly. The Radeon HD 4830 comes as a direct competitor to the Geforce 9800GT-based products, and it is said to be much cheaper than the ATI Radeon HD 4850.

The new graphical solution is based on RV770LE core, which is basically a RV770PRO which has some pipelines disabled and also comes with a slower clock and less bandwidth. Also, while RV770XT and PRO chips feature 800 shaders, the RV770LE the Radeon HD 4830 will only be of 480 shaders. This is why the card is expected to be released at the end of next week with prices significantly lower than HD 4850.

More news on the Radeon HD 4830-card comes from the VR-Zone, which managed to get hold of some pictures of the Board, which is manufactured by MSI. Micro Star International graphics solution has a 575MHz core clock frequency and includes 512 MB of memory clocked at 1800MHz. MSI HD 4830-card comes with 8 Samsung K4J52324QH-HJ1A GDDR3 memory chips is estimated at 1ns, which total 512. While users will need a 6-pin PCIe power connector for this GPU.

According to VR-Zone, MSI is planning to release the new Radeon HD 4830 cards on October 23, and it will probably be priced below $ 150.

In other related news, ATI's Radeon HD 4870 X2 is said to have a driver hotfix that makes it possible to increase performance in the upcoming Far Cry 2 title. This will be a DirectX 10.1 game, and ATI want to take advantage of fulfilling their brief to beat Geforce GTX 280. Since the game will be launched next week, both in North America and Europe, ATI will hotfix short, so it must have DirectX 10.1 support for moving on Nvidia's GT200 family. [source softpedia]

Stylish Glasses start from $8

Written by IT News on 4:04 PM

Many people are now wearing Glasses, and some of them still looking the suited model for their collection or just daily use. If the motivation is just want to look different with other then I will point to the best Stylish Prescription Glasses that offer a lot of different models and style. Beside that the price for eyeglasses is not so expensive even it’s very cheap for stylish glasses.

If you recently watch Fox Newx TV, you will probably ever see about The Clark Howard Show that also recommend ZenniOptical’s product.

Or you can directly go to find Stylish Prescription Glasses Online that offering start from $8, very cheap isn’t it? There is available a lot of frames collection, with single lens, featured with sunsensor or known as potochromic lense, also available tinted sunglasses lens and many more.

I have scroll over the website and finding why that the company sell the product so cheap, I didn’t find the exact answer but its look like because the only sell their own manufactured product and sell direct to the customer, so they cut the distribution budget, advertisement budget and many more, so that is the secret of their low cost.

So, whenever you need a glasses, you need a frame, you need to check it first at before looking around at the local stores, beside, shopping online is safe more money isn’t it?

As long as you play in the light, the Shiro SQ-S will be alive.

Written by IT News on 12:57 AM

Amidst all the "green" tag discussions, it seems that some manufacturers are really taking things seriously, at least way more seriously than others. It is a happy thought and thumbs up that we introduce to you one of the nicest and most environmentally sound gadgets, the body of SQ-S MP3 players from Shiro. The Shiro SQ-S sports one of the greenest methods to generate the energy needed by a small MP3 player: solar!

It is funny how such a simple and (now) obvious idea has not been widely used in industry to date. Yet there is a first for something and you know what they say - better late than never.

The Shiro SQ-S boasts an almost unlimited playability thanks to the solar cell on its back, continuously harvest luminous energy and keep the internal battery is charged almost all the time. Now, you do not need the sun: solar panels will generate electricity in the common daylight and it will actually charge you play it - just make sure you pull it out of your pocket from time to time.

On the technical side, the Shiromani SQ-S is a pretty nifty toy: it comes with support for MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC / APE / OGG file format, which simply rocks and beat other players meaningless. Even more, we are talking about a gadget with a 16GB built-in storage space, which represents about 37 hours of music playback or 7 hours of movies.

The Shiro SQ-S also submitted a 65k color LCD panel, 1.8 "wide, with the opportunity to offer you visual information about playlists, video, photos and eBook format. Promised finish with silver, red and blue, with miscellaneous variations of center-placed buttons. Unfortunately, there is no word regarding the pricing and availability. given the green-energy nature of Shiro SQ-S, the sooner it comes out - the better.

Intel claims that Core i7 965 can perform 50% better than Core 2 Quad QX9770

Written by IT News on 9:18 PM

Late last month, we stumbled on a review of Intel's upcoming Core processor i7, which we presented to you. The revision was made as a comparative benchmark between Intel's upcoming desktop processor, one of the company's current quad-core QX9770, which Core i7 succeeded better than in most of these tests, which show that Intel's next-generation processor architecture will surely increase computer use as we know it.

After that article, it seems that the Santa Clara, California-based chip maker has finally decided to disclose more details about its upcoming processors. Not for us mortals, of course, but rather by its partner, who has apparently received a document from Intel claims that its upcoming processors have been built to provide a performance increase of 50%. The document in question shows the differences between the company's Core 2 Quad QX9770 and has not yet been released Core i7 Extreme 965.
According to the document, the QX9770 is 52% more performance for 3D games, 38% more doing the performance, and 41% more film editing and conversion performance. To achieve these figures, Core i7 platform was built by an X58-based motherboard, 3 GB DDR3 and a discrete graphics card. Unfortunately there is no information on the Core 2 Quad platform, but the numbers do seem to confirm the benchmark results that we told you about last month.

It would be nice to see a comparative review of the Core i7 and the upcoming Deneb from AMD, if only to get an overall idea of how the consumer CPU market would see in the coming months. Also, it would be very interesting if AMD managed to deliver a processor faster than anticipated, giving Intel, which has been the leading chip maker for some time now, a run for their money, much as it has done with NVIDIA, after releasing the Radeon 4000 series of graphics. [source softpedia]

i.TV Launches Free TV Guide App for iPhone

Written by IT News on 7:32 PM

i.TV (pronounced in-dot-TV), a company that develops innovative media guide services, announced today the launch of a movie and TV guide service for the iPhone and iPod touch. i.TV is a free download for the iPhone and iPod touch, and is available only in the U.S. and Canada from the iTunes App Store. "I. TV makes it easy to find TV and movie programming options, entertainment share information with friends, and access media anywhere, you can take an iPhone or iPod touch," said Brad Pelo, i.TV is the founder and CEO. “When Apple announced that it would give third parties the opportunity to develop applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, we saw an opportunity to exploit the powerful features of Apple products to create a new type of media discovered the benefits. To make such a viable tool, we forged a strategic partnership with TV Guide because we knew they would give the user the best and most comprehensive media guide information. We are convinced those who use i.TV will be satisfied with the outcome."

Users of i.TV benefit from relevant and current TV programs, films based on its current location. Users can also customize their settings for even more precise lists, while it provides rich background information for most programs, including celebrity photos, biographies, show details, ratings and reviews. Advanced sort options make it easy to organize the TV listings in categories, while built-in filtering capabilities exclude unnecessary information from the respective lists. Community-oriented features add to the usefulness of this app, allowing users to discover programming and socialize around entertainment.

But what is probably the most important feature of i.TV, its ability to stream content to the iPhone and iPod touch. Naturally unit owners must have at least firmware 2.0 are installed. [source softpedia]

You may download i.TV via the iTunes App Store here.

Not an iPhone killer

Written by IT News on 9:25 PM

Even when it was on stage reputation, the launch of the much awaited Nintendo DS upgrade, the JM, was allegations that Nintendo has finally taken the fight to Apple and Sony. The iPhone, PlayStation Portable and provided with features not available on regular DS. Recently, talking to Nikkei Net, the website which has a reputation of JM out, Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, commented on his company's new creation.

"We want users to have the device on them all the time," he observed. "By downloading the subway maps and other things, for instance, JM might be useful for other applications than playing games. We wanted to create an offer that would fit naturally into people's everyday lives."

And so they did. For those of you who do not know, the new iteration of the immensely popular DS handheld, the DSI, provides several new features that were unheard of on Nintendo products. These consist of things like a camera, music capability and improved wireless capability, Hinting that the fact that JM would take on its main rival handheld, PlayStation Portable, and would also be a competitor to Apple's iPhone. Although there is no phone aspects of the Apple device, the DSI was considered as something that would take a swing at the popularity of the iPhone.

Iwata also that, although the new version of the DS would hit the Japanese market in November, the European and North American markets would get it sometime in 2009. But it depends on how JM would sell in local markets.

All in all, the CR does not seem, in my opinion, a device that can take on the iPhone: but all the other features of the PDA, it does not have a chance

New Vudu HDX Format

Written by IT News on 11:08 PM

As the debate over whether optical media will eventually be replaced by digital downloads rages on, one of the main players in this market segment, Vudu, has just announced the development of a new and better format for delivering HD content to the user's HDTV over the Internet. Dubbed HDX, the new format is touted as the most advanced digital download format available, at least in view of image quality, but the truth is that it also has something of a "technical error".

According to the company's statement, the new HDX shows the contents of the true cinematic standard of 1080p at 24 frames per second. HDX also offers a pretty good level of surround sound, which has a 40 percent higher bit rate than standard surround sound, DVD.

To prevent the loss of quality during the download and deliver true HD-quality images, the format that takes full advantage of the TruFilm technology, which uses Psycho Visual Processing for raising the image quality by enhancing details in dark areas of the image, almost to remove it dark area artifacts typical of movies from the Internet.

Plus, the Film Grain Preservation technology improves cinematic experience by ensuring that the displayed image is still true that the fine optical texture of the original movie, while the statistical Variable Bitrate ensures optimal video quality throughout the movie by allocating a higher budget for encoding high retail and high-motion segments of the film, while the ability to stream over the Internet.

According to the company, the films are in the HDX format offered to the same rent as standard HD titles (no purchase option yet), Vudu owners and the movies, beginning today.

And now, for "technical failure" mentioned in the first paragraph. The big question with movies in the HDX format is that they have a fairly large size, users with a serious broadband connection that requires about three to four hours of "HD" experience to actually begin. Even the fact that you can pre-order a movie when you are away from home may prove to be something of an incentive, the truth is that there is still much easier to pass through the video rental store on the way home and rent / buy a title in Blu -ray format than to wait for digital download.

Image produced by the new 3D display

Written by IT News on 10:49 PM

3D TV that can be displayed directly with the naked eye (No pesky glasses required) seems to have become the next big target for the developer of display solutions worldwide. In our previous articles on the subject, we talked about Philips and Panasonic's approach to this issue, but now it seems that there is a third party involved.

And it depends, as Shinya Saeki, Nikkei Electronics (TechOn), reports, JVC and Japan's National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICTA) just announced have jointly developed a 72-inch 3D display that can be seen with the naked eye, while the provide a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080p).

The secret behind this very impressive technical achievement seems to be to use several Full HD projector to send images on the screen from the back so that the 3D representation (rear projection). In addition, the alignment of the projectors are optimized, so that the light emitted from them to create a similar effect as light reflects from real life objects.

The result is a pixel count exceeding 100 million, while users can also view the 3D images corresponding to the horizontal angle from which they are looking at (± 20 ° to the right and left).

Moreover, the future of this innovative technology seems to be fairly light one half is also. And it depends NICTA plans to develop a commercially available product of this type of 2011, and added that the calculations for this type of technology lead to the conclusion that the 200-300-inch 3D displays can actually become reality in the coming years. [source softpedia]

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