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Not an iPhone killer

Written by IT News on 9:25 PM

Even when it was on stage reputation, the launch of the much awaited Nintendo DS upgrade, the JM, was allegations that Nintendo has finally taken the fight to Apple and Sony. The iPhone, PlayStation Portable and provided with features not available on regular DS. Recently, talking to Nikkei Net, the website which has a reputation of JM out, Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, commented on his company's new creation.

"We want users to have the device on them all the time," he observed. "By downloading the subway maps and other things, for instance, JM might be useful for other applications than playing games. We wanted to create an offer that would fit naturally into people's everyday lives."

And so they did. For those of you who do not know, the new iteration of the immensely popular DS handheld, the DSI, provides several new features that were unheard of on Nintendo products. These consist of things like a camera, music capability and improved wireless capability, Hinting that the fact that JM would take on its main rival handheld, PlayStation Portable, and would also be a competitor to Apple's iPhone. Although there is no phone aspects of the Apple device, the DSI was considered as something that would take a swing at the popularity of the iPhone.

Iwata also that, although the new version of the DS would hit the Japanese market in November, the European and North American markets would get it sometime in 2009. But it depends on how JM would sell in local markets.

All in all, the CR does not seem, in my opinion, a device that can take on the iPhone: but all the other features of the PDA, it does not have a chance

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