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As long as you play in the light, the Shiro SQ-S will be alive.

Written by IT News on 12:57 AM

Amidst all the "green" tag discussions, it seems that some manufacturers are really taking things seriously, at least way more seriously than others. It is a happy thought and thumbs up that we introduce to you one of the nicest and most environmentally sound gadgets, the body of SQ-S MP3 players from Shiro. The Shiro SQ-S sports one of the greenest methods to generate the energy needed by a small MP3 player: solar!

It is funny how such a simple and (now) obvious idea has not been widely used in industry to date. Yet there is a first for something and you know what they say - better late than never.

The Shiro SQ-S boasts an almost unlimited playability thanks to the solar cell on its back, continuously harvest luminous energy and keep the internal battery is charged almost all the time. Now, you do not need the sun: solar panels will generate electricity in the common daylight and it will actually charge you play it - just make sure you pull it out of your pocket from time to time.

On the technical side, the Shiromani SQ-S is a pretty nifty toy: it comes with support for MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC / APE / OGG file format, which simply rocks and beat other players meaningless. Even more, we are talking about a gadget with a 16GB built-in storage space, which represents about 37 hours of music playback or 7 hours of movies.

The Shiro SQ-S also submitted a 65k color LCD panel, 1.8 "wide, with the opportunity to offer you visual information about playlists, video, photos and eBook format. Promised finish with silver, red and blue, with miscellaneous variations of center-placed buttons. Unfortunately, there is no word regarding the pricing and availability. given the green-energy nature of Shiro SQ-S, the sooner it comes out - the better.

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