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Intel claims that Core i7 965 can perform 50% better than Core 2 Quad QX9770

Written by IT News on 9:18 PM

Late last month, we stumbled on a review of Intel's upcoming Core processor i7, which we presented to you. The revision was made as a comparative benchmark between Intel's upcoming desktop processor, one of the company's current quad-core QX9770, which Core i7 succeeded better than in most of these tests, which show that Intel's next-generation processor architecture will surely increase computer use as we know it.

After that article, it seems that the Santa Clara, California-based chip maker has finally decided to disclose more details about its upcoming processors. Not for us mortals, of course, but rather by its partner, who has apparently received a document from Intel claims that its upcoming processors have been built to provide a performance increase of 50%. The document in question shows the differences between the company's Core 2 Quad QX9770 and has not yet been released Core i7 Extreme 965.
According to the document, the QX9770 is 52% more performance for 3D games, 38% more doing the performance, and 41% more film editing and conversion performance. To achieve these figures, Core i7 platform was built by an X58-based motherboard, 3 GB DDR3 and a discrete graphics card. Unfortunately there is no information on the Core 2 Quad platform, but the numbers do seem to confirm the benchmark results that we told you about last month.

It would be nice to see a comparative review of the Core i7 and the upcoming Deneb from AMD, if only to get an overall idea of how the consumer CPU market would see in the coming months. Also, it would be very interesting if AMD managed to deliver a processor faster than anticipated, giving Intel, which has been the leading chip maker for some time now, a run for their money, much as it has done with NVIDIA, after releasing the Radeon 4000 series of graphics. [source softpedia]

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