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New Vudu HDX Format

Written by IT News on 11:08 PM

As the debate over whether optical media will eventually be replaced by digital downloads rages on, one of the main players in this market segment, Vudu, has just announced the development of a new and better format for delivering HD content to the user's HDTV over the Internet. Dubbed HDX, the new format is touted as the most advanced digital download format available, at least in view of image quality, but the truth is that it also has something of a "technical error".

According to the company's statement, the new HDX shows the contents of the true cinematic standard of 1080p at 24 frames per second. HDX also offers a pretty good level of surround sound, which has a 40 percent higher bit rate than standard surround sound, DVD.

To prevent the loss of quality during the download and deliver true HD-quality images, the format that takes full advantage of the TruFilm technology, which uses Psycho Visual Processing for raising the image quality by enhancing details in dark areas of the image, almost to remove it dark area artifacts typical of movies from the Internet.

Plus, the Film Grain Preservation technology improves cinematic experience by ensuring that the displayed image is still true that the fine optical texture of the original movie, while the statistical Variable Bitrate ensures optimal video quality throughout the movie by allocating a higher budget for encoding high retail and high-motion segments of the film, while the ability to stream over the Internet.

According to the company, the films are in the HDX format offered to the same rent as standard HD titles (no purchase option yet), Vudu owners and the movies, beginning today.

And now, for "technical failure" mentioned in the first paragraph. The big question with movies in the HDX format is that they have a fairly large size, users with a serious broadband connection that requires about three to four hours of "HD" experience to actually begin. Even the fact that you can pre-order a movie when you are away from home may prove to be something of an incentive, the truth is that there is still much easier to pass through the video rental store on the way home and rent / buy a title in Blu -ray format than to wait for digital download.

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