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Intel has updated its launch schedule for Clarksfield CPUs

Written by IT News on 4:29 PM

Intel CPUThe "back to school" period is fast approaching, it is no wonder that rumors of the new Intel processors will surface on the Internet. According to recent reports, Santa Clara, California-based chip maker has to be updated launch schedule for a couple of new processors, including the highly anticipated notebook targeted Clarkfield CPU, new desktop-based Lynnfield processors and several new server chips. All these new products will be launched between August and October this year, with options for customers with Intel's latest processor solutions.

According to a recent news article on Digi Times, the world's largest chip maker is preparing to work with the entire line of computer processors, which are addressed to all three major segments, laptops, desktops and servers. The company will continue its expectations and Clark Field Lynnfield processors for notebook and desktop platforms, while the server market, Intel is preparing the launch of several new solutions. In addition, the chip maker is also said to prepare the launch of two new processors for ultra-thin notebooks, as the building for debut before the end of September.

Somewhere in late September and early October, Intel plans to release their new processors, Clark Field, the XE 2 GHz Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad P2 and 1.73GHz Core 2 Quad P1, rated power at 1.6GHz. These new features targeted at the portable market and will be accompanied by SU2300 Celeron and Celeron 743, for extremely thin notebook computers.

Regarding the company's desktop processors, the Lynnfield CPUs are scheduled to arrive between 8 and September 11, together with its new mainstream chipset is the P55 with its new Socket LGA1156.

The server company, Intel will announce Xeon W5590, W3580, W3550 and L5530 at the beginning of August and the new Xeon X3470, 3460, 3450, 3440 and 3430 processors, which debuted at about the same time as the much anticipated Lynnfield processors, in addition to the 3400 and 3420 chipsets.

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