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ARM announces that MediaTek lincensed its Mali-400 GPU

Written by IT News on 11:07 PM

ARM and media Inc. today announced the licensing of the ARM Mali-400 MP multi-core processor graphics processor (GPU) for audiovisual system-on-chip (SoC) technology. Audiovisual Inc, as many of you may already know, fables is a leading global semiconductor company focused on wireless communications and digital multimedia applications. The company is known for advanced SoC system solutions for DVD and Blu-ray and HD-TV.

The licensing of the ARM Mali-400 MP GPU Mediatheque will offer the opportunity to boast high-performance graphics and is doing, while giving a low energy consumption. At the same time, Mali-400 MP technology also comes with scalability allows Mediatheque to reach the market with a range of graphic solutions. "We have chosen to license the ARM Mali technology for scalability and performance references. It is important that we can increase the flexibility of our product portfolio," Audiovisual out.

ARM graphics IP solutions are widely used in industry, and the company has 29 licensees, 21 of which are licensees of Mali GPUs. In Mali range includes solutions that range from Mali-55 GPU with Mali-400 MP GPU, the necessary solutions for embedded graphics with a wide range of support performance points. In Mali GPU family also makes ARM that as a supplier of a complete range of graphics hardware and software IPs.

This is not the first time Mediatheque Licenses ARM CPU, and the previous cooperation between the two companies, together with Mali-400 MP GPU to ARM is the best choice in terms of power-efficient, easily configured CPU and graphic solutions that they can make on the market. The fact is that ARM contact has more than 600 partners, including partners leading silicon device manufacturers and content providers. All parties in the community to develop mobile phones and consumer products are based on Mali GPUs.

"Mediatheque has a great record of implementation and success in the mobile and digital home market and we are happy to cooperate to provide the best imaging technology to meet customers' requirements," Lance Howarth, general director, ARM Media Processing Division said. "The scalability of the hardware architecture in Mali allows its use in a wide range of consumer Mediatheque SoC products."

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