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Mushkin launches new series of GT200-based graphics cards

Written by IT News on 8:23 AM

GT200-based graphics cardsRecent buzz on the Internet said that Mushkin is about to release memory vendor for an entirely new line of NVIDIA GeForce-based graphics cards, which ends with yet another alternative to the narrow market GeForce graphics cards. All new models will be based on the latest NVIDIA GT200 GPU architecture and will be available in both standard and custom form factors, with increased clock speeds and memory capacity.

According to a recent news article on hothardware, Mushkin has announced its entry into the graphics card market with the launch of a complete set of GT200-based graphics cards. The new line will be part of the company ultimateFX family graphics processing units, which apparently consists of GeForce-based solutions.

As part of the new series, Mushkin has debuted some new products, namely ultimateFX GeForce GTX260, GTX260 (1792MB), OC GTX260, GTX260 OC2, GTX275, GTX275 OC, GTX275 OC2, GTX285 and GTX285 (2048MB). As you can see there are a number of new models waiting to be useful in high-end desktop PC.

Although we have no specific details on the technical performance of these cards, it seems that Mushkin will try to distinguish themselves from the pack by offering their new cards in a specially designed packaging. According to the above article of the new maps are provided in special wooden boxes which the company has brands such as "WoodBox." This will certainly be a computer user a feeling of individuality and cards with an elegant package.

Unfortunately, there is no word on the pricing of one of these cards, but we expect that they are priced a bit longer than its competitors, particularly in view of their unique package. What is the availability of these solutions must be sufficiently fast.

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