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AMD's Phenom II chips to gain more performance with DDR3

Written by IT News on 7:16 PM

It appears that Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming enthusiast II processors, which come with DDR3 support and AM3 socket, can increase the overall performance of your computer by almost 5 percent. This is obviously something that was expected, since most DDR3 platforms can run a little faster. Nevertheless, there are some who might consider the extremely cheap DDR2 memory modules are a better acquisition, as the performance gain is not so great overall.

On the other hand, the upcoming AM3 chipset is reported not to be too much of an over clocker. It is rumored to be able to offer the same overclocking capacity for DDR2, while the memory controller will be contained in the CPU. The problem is that they are ready to get buff II Deneb-based chips include both DDR3 and DDR2 memory controllers, which would basically mean that the processor will work with DDR3 on an AM3 chip, while stuck with DDR2 on AM2 + platform.

The buff II AM3 chips are the only ones expected to experience this issue, as the first AM2 + processors will be launched will only support DDR2. As already reported, the next generation phenom II DDR3 chips and support platforms are planned to February launch.

In related news, we learn that AMD may launch its new dual-core chips for higher-than-expected speeds. As I said earlier, the next phenom X4 II chip will contain a 3 GHz core frequency, while the future Kuma c10 65nm CPU will only beginning 2.7GHz.

According to recent news, the dual-core Regor chip, manufactured in 45nm technology, will actually sport 3 GHz or higher core speed. The higher speed may be just a rumor at the moment, but we have already seen that AMD has in store a nice range of competitive products, and the company could surprise us again.

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