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OCZ Vertex SSD

Written by IT News on 8:55 PM

OCZ Technology has recently announced the introduction of the slate Series Express Card storage expansion unit, an advanced storage solution, designed to provide support for the latest generation of high performance portable computer systems. The product will come in handy to the users who need a backup solution for their laptop computers, eliminating the need for a peripheral device. In addition, the high-performance memory maker has also introduced the new Vertex SATA II 2.5-inch Solid State Drive series, as an alternative to the current SSD products on the market.

The Slate Series Express Card has been specifically built for on-the-go notebook users who need an alternative to backup storage devices that usually appear with a USB interface. OCZ's Slate series of Express Card-based storage solutions will be available for notebook users in the capacity of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. Thanks to the integration of a mini-USB port, on Slate series can also be connected to a desktop computer, which allows users to transfer data to their primary desktop, or any other desktop computer.

In addition to the Slate Series Express Card, the company also introduced the 2.5-inch SATA II Vertex Solid State Drive (SSD), as an alternative to current storage products on the market. Here is an impressive read speed of 200 MB / s and write speed said to achieve 160MB / s, while 64MB onboard cache should further strengthen the unit's performance. If storage is concerned, the Vertex series, which will build on the company's core processes and Solid "series, will be available with capacities ranging from 30 GB to 250 GB, at prices ranging from $ 249 to $ 869, respectively.

"The new Vertex Series of SSD drives is a premium MLC-based SSD solution designed for consumers who require fast, rugged and reliable solid-state storage," commented the Director of Product Management for OCZ Technology Group, Eugene Chang. "Vertex use of our newest architecture and controller design complete with 64 MB cache to provide faster transmission and better overall system response times in a wide range of applications and games."

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