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Walton Chaintech APOGEE Triple-Channel DDR3

Written by IT News on 1:51 AM

Walton Chain Tech Corporation, the leading of overclocking memory module specialist, has announced the introduction of the new APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Module Kits, specifically designed to allow users to pair them with Intel Core i7 processor and the Intel X58 Express Chipset; Mounting in recent high-end systems to date.

It is a common fact that next-generation Intel Core i7 platform can deliver a lot of performance when combined with DDR3 memory. Intel X58 chip memory controller can to increase performance and to offer greater bandwidth for the tri-channel DDR3 modules, which drove Chain Tech in the development of DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1866 triple-channel kit. According to the company, the new memory modules will be available in 3GB Kit and high capacity 6GB Kit.

Chain Tech have announced the fresh APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Module kits are developed using 8-layer PCB and memory chips by famous manufacturers, which are intended to serve as the parts with outstanding overclocking capabilities. Each of the chips have been handpicked to meet strict quality requirements, while all those manufactured using Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package is to provide better heat dissipation capability, and increased power efficiency. The memory modules can ensure the optimal performance, which combines the lower voltage requirements, higher speed, and instantaneous overclocking ability.

Walton Chain Tech has always focused on the game and overclicking market and the new APOGEE GT Triple-Channel DDR3 Memory Module kit is designed to show the long-term commitment and continuous efforts to offer the best solutions for gaming enthusiasts. The products can satisfy the needs of all users, regardless of whether the player or enthusiast, because they offer high performance and stability, which is complemented by the best possible cost.


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