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AMD plans phasing out both 45nm and older CPUs

Written by IT News on 2:31 AM

According to the latest news on the Web, and the CPU Benchmarked result, Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming enthusiast II processors have already appeared on online retailers, although the company has not yet been officially introduced, they continue. The new phenom X4 II 920, ie at 2.8 GHz and buff X4 II 940 runs at 3 GHz to appear at prices from $ 271 to $ 317 for the former and $ 304 to $ 373 for the latter. The chips come with 8MB of cache and work with DDR2 platforms.

As previously reported, AMD plans to introduce the chip in CES 2009, Jan. 8. These are the first chips from its new fan II, members of central processing units, based on the Deneb core. The first chip in the series with the current AM2 + chip sets, but the chip manufacturer announced that henceforth parts would also have support for the upcoming AM3 platform, which would work with DDR3 memory modules.

The Sunnyvale based also reported plans to release new Athlon processors in its brand. The chips are manufactured under 45nm technology, and according to the news, we'll see how the six parts, during the first half of next year. It seems that AMD plans to release the new quad-core Athlon X4 615; 605, and the triple-core Athlon X3 420 and 410 sometime in April, in preparation, but also dual-core Athlon X2 240 and 235 for June 2009.

In addition, AMD has already begun to plan the gradual abolition of the upcoming 45nm AM2 + phenom X4 II 920 and 940 Black Edition CPU. Since the chips are only signs of a transition to AM3 parts, the company is said to issue a final notice to chip in May next year. In addition, starting this month, AMD takes orders for the phenom X4 9650-processor. The message also notes that society is the last note for the enthusiast X4 9950 (140W) and 9850 (125W) in March 2009, when they do the same for the phenom X4 9750, 9850 (95W) and 9950 (125W) in June.

AMD has already begun phasing out their triple-core phenom X3 8450 and 8550 CPU, and said that the plan to the Planning Commission to the last, buff X3 8650 and X3 phenom in 8850 and 8750 for March and June. Also in March, the low-power Athlon X2 4450e CPU will be his last appointment notice is issued.

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