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Dell set to unveil new Vostro laptop

Written by IT News on 8:57 AM

Dell is expected to expand its range of portable vostro computer systems with the introduction of a new 12-inch model recently leaked via the Internet. Next ultra-portable system will not much hype or Culver Intel Atom platform, as it focuses on giving benefits to companies. Although information is scarce, it seems that Dell is close to present the new system, which its customers with a choice of a vostro laptop.

According to a new post on Engadget, Dell's forthcoming 12-inch vostro notebook is designed with an Intel platform and will be equipped with a Core 2 Duo T6750 processor, running at 2.1GHz. The system also provides 4 GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, SD card slot, Express Card slot and a fingerprint reader. Although it can be released in a series of color options leaked model has a Crimson red design.

Unfortunately, the fellows at Engadget could score a few details about the system prices and availability, but its clear Dell is planning to vostro family in the near future. As some of you already know, Dell vostro layout is designed to meet the requirements of companies looking for a portable computing solution that can support applications. Although Dell has built up an Atom-based vostro laptop, the next system appears to be compatible with the specifications for a full laptop.

Dell can further customize its range of laptops, after the launch of the highly anticipated Intel Calpella platform. This leads, next generation laptop processors based on Intel's Nehalem architecture and is designed to provide users with increased performance and energy efficiency, which mainly leads to better battery life.

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