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Details about Geolocation in Firefox 3.5

Written by IT News on 4:03 AM

FirefoxGeolocation is a highly touted feature of the upcoming Firefox 3.5. But it is not talked about without reason, since geographically is important today and mobile Internet connections faster and faster, and there are plenty of tools to take advantage of these speeds. As part of Firefox 3.5 in 35 days in office, Mozilla engineers have explained the importance of geographical and how they are implemented in Firefox 3.5.

"If I type in the google URL bar, it takes me to the Canadian version of Google, based on my IP address. And when I'm looking for the nearest cinema where I am established, I usually type in my zip code ", said Doug Turner, one of the engineers who work with geographic support in Firefox 3.5.”In these two situations, using a web application automatically know if I am much more comfortable. I really have no idea what the postal code for Toronto. I know how to find, but there is much work just to tell a web application where I am.

Geographical be implemented in Firefox 3.5 in a simple JavaScript API. This feature enables users to easily place with a site that is necessary. Sites using this function create a simple JavaScript call getCurrentPosition, which gives the user the current location and then notify him with a warning dialog if the process is not automatically obvious privacy. Additional technical information can be found at blog.

Firefox uses a number of ways to get your location, depending on the situation. The best option would be via a connected GPS device to correct coordinates. But it is not always possible to Firefox, you can also use the local WiFi network, or in the worst case, the IP address information. For the location of WiFi networking, as many have been identified and their location is stored in online databases. One of the key issues is privacy, with geographical and Firefox has taken steps to ensure that information is only with the approval of the user, and also has potential to easily "forgets" the sites that the user has its place.

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