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Intel to phase out most Core i7 CPUs

Written by IT News on 10:52 PM

According to recent reports, Santa Clara, California-based Intel plans to phase out most of the Core i7 processors, including the recently launched 950-model. The first wave of Nehalem-based chips will soon be replaced by Intel's much anticipated Lynnfield models, which will be introduced in parallel with a new platform, with the new LGA1156 socket. The only high-end CPU that seems to have a longer life
Intel's product line is the new 3.33GHz Core i7 975 part.

In a recent news article, bit-tech claims to have had access to documents submitted by the Intel processor roadmap, as well as several confirmations that the Intel Core i7 920, 940, 950 and 965 processors will be end of life (EOL) at the end of next year. These are part of the chip maker in the first round of Nehalem-based processors, as users increased performance and new advanced platform.

Intel Core i7 975 and upcoming LGA1366-state 6-core processors will be available for the Chip Zilla flagship desktop platform, including a coming wave of Lynnfield processors and new platforms, the user with the support of the usual market segments. Unfortunately, there are no specific details about when Intel plans to phase out of the above products. But according to Bit-tech, users interested in buying a new desktop computer must be up to September 1 when the first set Lynnfield processors due to arrive.

Intel's current Core i7 processors are available in quad-core configurations and achieve clock speeds of 3.33GHz, with the recently introduced Core i7 975. As a result of these processors has no direct competitor to AMD, which has tried to better compete with Intel with its recent phenomena II series. What is the pricing, Core i7 is one of the most expensive CPU on the market, only available for PC enthusiasts.

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