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Asustek Complains Against Gigabyte

Written by IT News on 10:54 AM

Asustek Computer seems determined to make a stand against the charges made by its competitor, Gigabyte Technology, EPU against companies. The company filed a formal complaint to the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission (FTC) against its rival, iztakvayki that Gigabyte have made false accusations regarding Asustek EPU of saving energy, technology and quality of their products. On the other hand, Asustek also filed a suit against Gigabyte, accused the producer of "defamatory actions."

On 22 May, Asustek went about reporting Gigabyte FTC for false accusations means that the company was exaggerating or misrepresenting the capabilities of its EPU technology. According to Asustek, these accusations harm its reputation.

-- Early this month, during a media event, Gigabyte made a presentation in which the company compared DES its own technology with Asustek of EPU, questioning the truth about the effectiveness of the data published by Asustek, also claimed that some companies without hardware functions and Asustek, that it misled customers. Shortly after this event, Asustek said in a press release that the charges are false and Gigabyte, that does not fully understand its design and engineering methods. We have already published information about the allegations and response to them.

Then, Asustek said that Gigabyte, presented at the event referred to a reproduction of part of the hardware impaired capacitors. Asustek said that Gigabyte questions the validity of the company to trade through the use of this picture, stressing that they are not used "100 percent all high polymer capacitors help. According to Asustek, the product in the image were not produced by the company, but by another operator, and Gigabyte act is a serious distortion and deformation.

The issue will be solved, the initiation of formal procedures are only the first step in this direction, and the long road is ahead. The marketing departments of the two manufacturers will be carried on the war in the meantime. "Computex 2008 will be interesting," said spokesman of Gigabyte.

As relations between the two companies became less tense, some may find it curious that less than two years, they are about to join forces under the brand Gigabyte United States for sale to companies and graphic cards.

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