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Intel belives PCs will become more personalized

Written by IT News on 9:24 PM

Intel, the world's leading provider of IT-processors, believe that the PC market is probably a significant growth in coming years, like the growth recorded in the phone on the market following the introduction of mobile phones, a company executive says look.

According to Mooly Eden, Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Mobile Platforms Group, quoted in a recent news article in PC World, the PC's more and more customized services, like mobile phones, which is why he believes that the PC market is likely to grow at the same as phone market has grown. "It would be a netbook or a laptop or a Mobile Internet Device (MID)," said Eden.

He explains that since the sale of computers is a "consumer game" be noted that vendors now need to focus on both elegance and sleekness of the unit and on his performance and other specifications. He talks about the "desirability" of computers, said that in markets where affordability is an issue computers to content, user interfaces and applications that the end user can relate to.

As the article suggests, this view is not as realistic for the emerging markets as for adults Ones. Examples of markets such as India, the price for the ideal system is about 10,000 rupees (U.S. $ 200). This is a segment where netbooks are best suited, given their low prices, but most such systems currently on the market with the € 200 price tag. Eden, however, pointing out that prices of netbooks is likely to decrease because of economies of scale, but he makes no prediction about when he expects prices to come down.

Most of today's netbooks, as Eden observes, are sold in mature markets, but the original chip manufacturer's Atom processor designed for the new technology.

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