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Mini 2140 to become available before the Mini 2150

Written by IT News on 12:57 AM

Hewlett-Packard, the leading seller of personal computer systems, is expected to bring new small netbook as part of a large group of Mini-Note system. The new model believed to be called the HP Mini-Note 2150 and is expected sometime in June this year. According to production sources, quoted Digitimes, that the above system will provide its users with a 3G module.

PC vendors are expected to launch 3G-based mini-note after the launch of the Mini in 2140, which has already been showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2140 after the introduction of the HP 1000 Mini-series, but the packaging model similar to the Mini-Note 2133rd But the difference between 2133 and 2140 is new, that the former is equipped with a VIA C7-M processor, while the other is powered by Intel very successful Atom processor.

Hewlett-Packard in the coming 2150 is expected to formulate a package similar to 2140, but also provide their users with 3G module, which allows alternative connections. It is unclear whether the computer vendor sells unlocked new netbook with 3G module or as part of mobile broadband services.

Digitimes also reports that HP is expected to launch a new 11.6-inch notebook in the second quarter, while the 13.3-inch, low-cost model could arrive as soon as possible in June. It seems that both systems will be part of the family Mini-Note, which gives users computing power Intel Atom is Zxx series processors, code-named Menlow. All Mini-Note portable systems are manufactured Inventec.

The report, HP is rumored to plan new netbooks with larger displays, but the computer vendor has to confirm it.

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