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Home isn't used by Microsoft

Written by IT News on 12:15 AM

The console war is full of bitter fighting, in which each company is trying to show the world that your product is better and has more features. As such, the big manufacturers, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, which try to introduce the new services to their products more attractive on the market.

In this regard, Sony has recently launched the open beta phase of the new online service PlayStation Home, especially for the PlayStation 3 console. The service aims at a meeting of all owners of the PS3 on Earth, where they met people they know and make new friends and have fun in a constantly changing environment.

This has led to the curiosity of several companies in the UK, which began testing the service for home, to see if they, instead of the usual conference call with this new virtual world. Nothing interesting, so far, but it seems that Microsoft, Sony arch rival, also in the tests carried out by the advanced work Associates Company.

After hearing the news, it seems that the U.S. Company did not want his picture in connection with Sony products and a statement in which he is not the fact that they use online service Home. The press release went on to say that Microsoft has its own virtual meetings, such as the Xbox Live games, which are used for small meetings.

"Microsoft is not as a tool for virtual meetings in the home," Read the press release. "With Microsoft developed great products and applications such as Live Meeting, and part of Xbox Live, we have everything needed to create a virtual meeting at home."

It is now clear that companies in the financial sector, Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch are the only participants in a study by Dr. Manish Nipan Mani and Malik from the University of Portsmouth. Although services from Microsoft are very good, it seems that the innovations that the home can be for other companies.

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