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New XFX Radeon HD 4850 graphics card

Written by IT News on 2:58 AM

Back to the end of 2008, XFX, one of the largest producers of NVIDIA-based graphics cards, has announced that it will begin its partnership with AMD-ATI graphics subsidiary. After the show, says the manufacturer of graphics cards are also planned debut of its first ATI Radeon graphics card that comes to its users with an alternative to the GeForce already on the market. So far, these products have not been able to ensure their presence, but after the latest round of leaked information that the company is ready for shipping paper said.

XFX still officially its new graphics card issued by an ATI Radeon graphics processor. But there are also cards that appear to have been expected to arrive via the Internet because it is a German online store. The seven works have been listed, ranging from basic to advanced performance. ATI Radeon HD4350, HD4650 two, one HD4830, HD4850 one and two HD4870, prices vary from € 40 to € 260 or so.

There is little information on the specifications of the new cards, but it seems that the company is close to issuing cards on the market. According to the existing images, one of the two HD 4870 cards with AMD reference cooler, while the HD 4850 comes with a brand new cooler, designed by XFX. The same should be cooler at the forefront of one of the tasks in the short, the Radeon HD 4830 XFX.

No information on when new products to buy, but users and fans should keep an eye on the market. With these new cards, XFX is trying to do a good price / performance for its customers. With the move of the company is part of another manufacturer of graphics cards, has been used to print only on NVIDIA GeForce graphics processors.

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