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The Google logo over the years

Written by IT News on 7:55 PM

Google Knol site recently had its 100000th Rule, known as Knol search was pleased to announce its official blog that it begins to go his way. The rapid expansion of the new site, which is only 5 months, is nothing but good news for Google and all expressed admiration for the thousands of users, which he wrote on the website, which contributes to the growing database. Bad mouth it is that Google is currently Wikipedia, trying to cultivate first returned result of the query position that the encyclopedia is the owner of the most one-or two-word search.

"The Knol interface is now available in eight languages (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish) and we are delighted that our users will help us to translate into other languages using Google in your language console" added to the official blog.

"Supporting people to contribute their knowledge on the web is particularly important for languages with a limited version of web content, and we are delighted that knols have written in 59 different languages so far. It was very exciting to people all over the world appeared to increase online content in their own language, "adds.

Knol articles are essentially the same as Wikipedia entries, which are written by experts in the field, and are supposed to be on-line "unit of knowledge", as they say, a description of the site. In contrast to his famous rival, Knol allows users to advertise their websites directly inside. Users also have the option to name the subject, however, at its discretion, and can completely ignore the ambiguity in the choice of name for their pieces in the wrong circumstances.

"We are pleased that most writers choose to accept changes moderated from its customers and that the proposed adjustments to the readers are constantly increasing. So if you are reading Knol and suggest improvements, continues to press the button and adjust it? You will be able to make the necessary changes in Knol and the author (s) will be able to examine and act on your suggestions. We look forward to this new way to use online collaboration to a greater extent," reveals blog.

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