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The Alfred Dunhill signature Meridian AD88 retails for just under $4,000

Written by IT News on 2:57 AM

Meridian Audio Audiophile products known in the circles of both praise and boasts high-flying look, and the creation of the latest new from the British manufacturer is not at all different: the signing of all development time favorite Alfred Dunhill, the new music system Meridian announced it was for tools SHOD listeners. AD88 is not stupid instrument, capable of delivering good sound at any time, whether your house or the library, elegant office.

Handmade with great care by several layers of wood together in a compact and almost bullet-proof cabinets, "Meridian" Alfred Dunhill AD88 sports one of the sturdiest buildings available audio among similar items.

And it is not a joke, AD88 which are based on world famous speaker technology that made "Meridian" in the highly regarded brands, some of the most demanding audiophiles. Our lowest resonance, instead of adding useless for coloring the sound response from the TV-box 2.1 driver array loaded in AD88 is sought-after speakers ensure purity, many manufacturers are trying to achieve.

80W RMS power is supplemented by a digital module DPS subwoofer with a built-in LF / MF to listen to the broadcast with a very detailed and nicely separated stereo image. AD88 Inside you'll find a slot loading optical drive that supports CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, Dual Disc, DVD-V, DVDR / RW, so you can enjoy music from almost all the disk.

Of course, iPod Dock cannot be left to one side and the "Meridian" Alfred Dunhill AD88 doll i88 comes with a mini-DIN slot to customize your player Apple. And with dual 3.5-mm auxiliary steering gear material, both analog and optical, you can connect this music with almost anything, including MP3 players and other media players. Alfred Dunhill AD88 Meridian comes with an analog / 3.5 mm headphone jack optical output doubled to S-Video and composite output.

Finally, you also get an AM / FM tuner with an internal antenna and expansion slots, radio / alarm function and map-scale wireless remote with magnetic backing makes it possible to stick to any metal structures to improve comfort.

Now, of course, you have already guessed that the presence of two highly respected names such as "Meridian" and Dunhill met in top-notch signature elite music system comes with a price, Meridian Alfred Dunhill AD88 $4000 burning a hole in your budget, so if you will to get for Christmas, you probably started to save for Easter.

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