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Protect your computer with Lavasoft

Written by IT News on 11:27 PM

The world of computer security software, will expand with a product. Helix is its name and its field of action is to protect against computer viruses. The investor Lavasoft, the creator of the whole world the most popular anti-spyware programs, Ad-Aware.

Anti-Virus Helix comes with a 30-day trial period, which provides a comprehensive update of the product. Like all parts of the antivirus software on the market of the program will protect your computer from the time Windows loads and monitors all the alternative routes can be ugly to get access to a computer. This probably means that the Helix is to work on rootkits and prevents e-mail virus attacks, as well as those who constantly scan the Internet online service.

Processing of applications should not be a burden, and regardless of the type of user software because it is a very easy to use interfaces that allows you to gain access to protected areas, such as local and protection line. In addition, you can view the current state of protection.

Helix flexibility goes back to the point where you can create scan profiles. The advantage of this feature is that you will define certain areas to be controlled by viruses.

Web browsing is the primary in terms of computer and Helix is equipped with features that you are safe from phishing and malware floating on the Internet. More than that, mail checking feature examines incoming and outgoing mail for all types of threats that may affect the stability of the recipient's computer.

That is as simple as possible, after application to the definition of automatic actions when it encounters malware. There are all the modules included in the protection of software: Scanner, Guard, Mail Guard and WebGuard.

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