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Phishers now turn to telephones in order to get private details

Written by IT News on 8:22 PM

Today's phishers have fairly advanced technology and today's report will support this statement. According to Port Clinton News Herald, a phisher used an e-mail account belonging to the First National Bank of Bellevue to send phishing e-mail to their customers. As always, the main objective of the fraud was to trick users into revealing their private financial information such as account number and security credentials.

But the way the scam worked is a little different than the traditional, asking users to visit a particular site. This time, it is phisher tried to reach a telephone line which, at the request callers to activate their bank accounts, demanding private information.

Police officers are already tracking down the phone number, but there is no word on how many people failed the victims of fraud. But in case anyone out important information, he is recommended to call the police in Port Clinton (419) 734-3121, Port Clinton News Herald added.

"It looks like it might be legitimate because it is from the bank's e-mail. We see it everywhere between here and Sandusky. People should not respond to e-mail," Detective Bob Case in Port Clinton police commented.

Traditional phishing has proven to be quite dangerous, especially for people who have no protection against this type of illegal activity. But even with the appropriate one, it is rather difficult to stay on the safe side against this type of Phishing Scam if you do not realize it is dangerous and you may not disclose your bank.

Most anti-phishing applications tend to block harmful websites, but because in today's issue readers are encouraged to call a telephone number, such protection would be meaningless. In addition, anti-spam filter would also be of any help because the phisher gave a legitimate bank account, meant to be trusted by most users. It is, therefore, extra caution is recommended when you're asked to provide your bank information. However, keep in mind that most services, companies and organizations will never ask for your sensitive information!

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