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Firefox Tabs features

Written by IT News on 7:14 PM

Tabs have no doubt revolutionized site navigation. Long gone are the times of a web page-per-browser example, but this does not mean that tab, the concept does not provide the scope for further improvement. Such a development scenario is investigated by Aza Raskin, head of user experience on Mozilla Labs, which wants to Firefox, tabbed to a new level. A new standard of functionality of the tabs of open source in your browser is synonymous with the new end-user experience and improvements in the flexibility and productivity.

"I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to design interface of the scale. The time saved when the data we are often streamlined are staggering when multiplied by a quarter of one billion users. Right now, I 'm interested in what we can rationalize the new tab workflow. Right now, when you open a new tab, you get a blank screen. While clean, it has a 100% probability, not when you get what you want to be. While it is good not to intimidate with an explosion of information, we can have a much more streamlined workflow and thus save enormous amounts of total time by showing something. The question is, "What?", "Raskin explained.

The perspective is that at this time a newly opened tab is simply a vehicle, a middle phase of an action, but simply useless in itself. What Raskin suggests is that a new tab learns the browser of the user and intelligently adapt to different missions. At the same time, joint operations would be centralized in new tabs, which would therefore show the results of understanding browsing behavior.

"What I like about all these is that they are zero-cost benefits. We as a browser, can make the wrong guesses and the worst crimes we commit, is to add visual clutter. There is never a real penalty for the user, yet the benefits in the right are significant. My hunch is that some of the concepts here go overboard and in the end would be more obstacles than help. Nothing here has to be taken at the wholesale level, "Raskin concluded.

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